Ecchi/Non H-manga


[Kasai Sui] Gisèle Alain

Volume 1: [DL1] [DL2] (Scanslated by various groups)
Volume 2: [DL1] [DL2]
Volume 3: [DL1] [DL2]

[Iwasaki Tsubasa] Love Pheromone No.05

Ch01: Download from here
Ch02: SS
Ch03: SS
Ch04: SS
Ch05: SS
Ch06: SS
Ch07: SS
Ch08: SS
Ch09: SS


[Yui Toshiki] Mai No Heya

Volume 1 [DL1] [DL2]
Volume 2 [DL1] [DL2]
Volume 3 [DL1] [DL2]

[Stu-Hiro] Otaku No Musume

Ch01-46: Scanslated by other groups.
Ch47-onwards: Available to download from here.

[Takamichi] Ritou no Umi [DL1] [DL2]


[Kawara Keisuke] Nanako-ish Days

Ch00-04: [DL1] [DL2]

[Takatou Rui] Cynthia The Mission

Ch01: [DL1] [DL2]


Anonymous said...

"Pheromone" is misspelled.

Conan said...

Thanks for point it out!

Anonymous said...

DLL Gisele Alain vol 2 was dead, can you reupload it, thank so much.