Friday, 14 March 2014

Nanako-san teki na Nichijou DASH Vol.1 Ch11-15

MOAR NANAKO!? It's time for another hot batch of ecchi adventures with Nanako and her classmate, Kawara. Their adventures this time involves eating curry, a track meeting, taking the train during a rainy day, a spooky seance and purchasing some swimwear. All hail to the glorious Thetsuuyaku for translating this!

Sorry, but I won't be posting this series on E-hentai anymore because this series has been classed as a non-h commercial manga and as such, it's been expunged.

In other big life changing news, I'm going to be moving into a new house!
I actually wanted to make this announcement as early as last July but after many delays I'm finally going to be moving in next week! Expect releases to be a little sparse for a while I get used to my new surroundings and I finish transporting the last few boxes. There also won't be any broadband in the new house (thank you 3G smartphone, shame I got the 500mb data package so I can't use it as a hotspot) until the engineer installs the telephone line so I guess it'll be me and the 3DS until then.


Geese1 said...

Thanks for the new release!

Good luck with the move, and hopefully you can get broadband relatively quickly. :)

SteamBucket said...

*puts on trench coat and hat*

Time for some delicious voyeurism

*breathes heavily*

thanks for the release

Andri Asada said...


Ehud said...

Awesome. Many thanx Conan. Enjoy your new place.

Anonymous said...

this needs to get animated!!! thx lots for the good work!

Bonta-kun said...

Should Kawara ever wind up the Nanako manga/doujin series, not for a while I hope, he should have his character finally get it together enough to confess to her, followed by much Happy Sex With Love.

He's put up enough with being blue-balled by her for years after all...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thee release also while I'd love to see Kawara Nanako get together I'm thinking a straight up sex scene may not fit this comic. Instead I'd love to a bonus chapter or something that is narrated from Kawara as a husband and father instead of Kawara as a student. We'd get to see Nanako as a hot MILF and get to laugh at Kawara's terrible sense of foreboding that their daughter will turn out just like Nanako.