Thursday, 2 January 2014

Elven Bride

Happy New year everyone! Several weeks ago I noticed this story on Exhentai by Endou Okito and I instantly fell in love with the art so I begged YQII if he could translate it. He delivered with the scripts... and then it turned into several weeks of, "I should finish editing this... BUT FIRST, LET'S GO ON THE INTERWEBS". Because of that, another translator worked on this but that turned out to be a Korean to English translation so here is our (belated) version.

This is a sweet vanilla story about a guy who meets and marries an elven chick that he meets during one of his U.N. mission. Did I mention how freakin' awesome the artwork is? Anyways, the artist has decided to turn this into a hentai series in Comic X-Eros which is being translated by Thetsuuyaku so head over there if you want more elven bride goodness!

Now available in the oneshots/others section.


anon156 said...

Nevermind the KR->EN translation, the other one was tyepset in Times New Roman, an act of war.

Conan said...

anon156: Well, at least it wasn't Comic Sans.

Anonymous said...

They didn't use Times New Roman ¬¬

Anonymous said...

a version thats not colored... would be nice XD (am used to black/white kinda hard for the eyes..)