Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nozomi Wish

And finally finishing today's triple release is a chapter from Kisaragi Gunma's Welcome to Tokoharusou book. This story is about a strange girl called Nozomi who really wants her childhood friend's virgnity badly and the guy refusing. GUNMA LOGIC AT WORK MY FRIENDS. Major thanks to Cucumis Sativus who helped translated this and also the remaining chapters in the Welcome to Tokoharusou book!


And that marks a bumper release day. Just a heads up that if there's a long period of no releases, chances are I'm doing extra shifts at work to earn a little spending money for the new year. Mmmm.... new PC parts...


Anonymous said...

I love this author so much, this also feels like a sequel to one of his earlier similar works, thanks so much

Katsu said...

hey guys am looking for someone to translate me 2 chatpers + 1 volume and yes am willing to pay got anyone to suggest? its for Magetsukan Kitan