Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Gisèle Alain ch17, Extra Story & Compiled Volume 3

Part two of today's triple release! It's chapter 17 of Gisèle Alain and also the last chapter of volume 3. Today's task involves Gisèle trying to convince an expert to fix a ship but he has one request... to go to the moon. How will Gisèle solve his request? Thanks to Salsk for the translations!


And with this, we can  finally compile all the chapters into one handy volume!


A minor bad news is that this is still an ongoing series but the raws for volume 4 is still not online since it only came out in Japan a few months ago. If anyone has any news on raws for the 4th volume, don't hesistate to leave a message because we also want more!


Anonymous said...

http://www.raw1st.org/2011/02/gisele-alain.html here the raw volume 4

Conan said...

Thank you so much!

eyevocal said...

The links for Vols. 1 & 2 are all down. Could you please re-upload them? Thank you very much.