Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Magic Interpretation

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone called Darkfire who asked if I was dropping Hroz because he went ahead and commissioned Desudesu to work on two Hroz manga that me and Thetsuuyaku were planning on doing as well. At the time I jumped to a hasty conclusion and thought that he was taking over all future Hroz stuff via commissions but after a few emails that was far from the case.

To show that there was no ill-intent, Darkfire offered to commission Desudesu to work on a script of my choice to edit. I was blown away by the generosity so I went ahead and chose Thomas from Comic Hotmilk 2012-04. It's a story about two closet otakus who actually realise that they both have something in common. Also cosplay sex and Thomas' trademark blowjobs are the theme for this chapter.



Oliver said...

Seriously... HHHHHNNNNNG ! Awesome :)

Thank you very much, Desu and Conan, and also, in a different manner, thank you for the choice you made, Conan :)

Darkfire, if you read those lines, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you've acted in a really cool and praisable manner :)

Ehud said...

Awesome. Many thanx Conan.

Anonymous said...

Love when things like this happen, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :D,
And know to fap