Saturday, 31 December 2011

GOODBYE 2011! HELLO 2012!

Remember to enjoy alcohol responsibly!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your year went well and here's hoping that 2012 will be a great year for all!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Erotic Recording

Here's the second chapter from the Hazukashii Chibusa book. It's a short colored story about childhood friends finally going out but somehow, the boy prefers to film his girlfriend instead of actually making a move. Thanks again to Fuke for providing the translations. What do you know, this is the last release for 2011. Here's hoping 2012 will be even more productive!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Filler Post: Learning Japanese in 2011... With An Android Phone

Continuing on from the last "learning Japanese" post, I thought it might be appropriate to recommend apps for the Android phone that helped me out with learning Japanese. This was the year where I decided to sign up for my first smartphone and it was such a close choice between an HTC phone or an iPhone. In the end, I picked the HTC Sensation. A few days of setting up later, I decided to check out  the Android Market and typed in, "Japanese". Here are the Android apps that have played a large part in me studying Japanese while I waited in the queue or while I was on my lunch break.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Filler Post: Learning Japanese in 2011

Ever since I started editing, I've always wished I could understand Japanese so that I could increase the amount of manga I can work on. The thing that prevented me from learning Japanese YEARS ago was because I was studying my final tests in high school, followed by several months of unemployment/job hunting and the general feeling of, "it looks too hard" not to mention the lack of motivation. At this point last year, I made a New Year's resolution to actually sit down and LEARN Japanese... which seems to consist of buying Japanese books on the recommendation of the translators I work with and seeing which helps.

As a filler post, I'll now be making a brief summary of all the books I read and hopefully this should budding translators make the right decisions in deciding if it's worth the money to purchase them. I should mention that I am still far from being fluent and there's really no "learn fast with no effort" method so it's going to be an ongoing progress that I'll still be continuing through 2012 and probably even 2013 before I can finally call myself "translator".

Saturday, 24 December 2011

She's the Santa Claus of the End of the Century

At this moment, it's Christmas Day here so let's celebrate with a festive h-manga oneshot by Rakko, an artist who I like very much for the way the girls are drawn... and the big tits. So this is a story about a guy's quiet dinner with a (former) Santa called Merry getting interrupted by another Santa called Chris who gatecrashes the party with her last minute gift of her virginity... because it totally isn't a last minute present.

Translations provided by the super awesome Fuke and I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here's hoping you got what you wished for.

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Grim Reaper Lover

Here's the second story from the Megapai book as part of a joint project with Fuke. Dude is being stalked by a girl who turns out to be... THE GRIM REAPER. But listen to the advice of Blue Oyster Cult and don't fear her because she's actually the cute, big breasted Grim Reaper who extends the guy's life by having sex with him.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Manami's Fate

Time for another Inkey oneshot with translations provided by Fuke once again. For those that liked Cafe Milk Paradise, this one goes the complete polar opposite with humilation, RAEP RAEP RAEP, pissing and mind break themes instead. This is meant to be a sequel to a story that appeared in an earlier Comic Angel Club about a girl who tries to blackmail gropers on a train but unfortunately it backfires on her and ends up getting raeped instead. Unfortunately the magazine that contains that story isn't scanned so maybe one day in the future, when Inkey publishes a tank that has that story, me and Fuke will work on it.

Once again, if that wasn't enough warning, this story is definately not a happy sex story. RAEP RAEP RAEP is such a harsh word. I think I'll replace it "struggle snuggle" in the future.

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Together Forever

Time for a Napata oneshot from the latest Comic Megastore as part of a joint with Fuke. Parent entrusts daughter to teacher after jetting off to work abroad. Girl really loves teacher. Teacher is not too sure about their relationship. Just your average Napata D'AAAAAW vanilla sexy time story really.

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Present is a Stranger's Cock

Here's the second new project that me and Fuke are working on. It's a compilation of oneshots called Hazukashii Chibusa by Ookami Ryousuke where all the women are sexy and big tittied. This first chapter is about a husband and wife who are celebrating their first anniversary and the husband gets her a present... in the form of asking his fellow peers to bang his wife so that he can get an erection. Yeah, it's a dumb "romantic" plot but hey, enjoy the nekomimi and string bra.


Friday, 9 December 2011

Megapai Chapter 1 & Not4dawgz Announcement

Continuing with MOAR Fuke joint projects (believe me, there's still more to come) here is a new project that we'll be working on. It's Megapai by Amagi Michihito and the first chapter deals with an adventurer looking to vanquish a demongirl who was destroying some village. There's a lot of action on each page but be warned as it can get a little hardcore at times. Expect buckets and buckets of cum and ahegaos in future chapters.

Additional thanks goes to Shadkats for making a generous donation to Fuke to enable him to buy a copy of Megapai and rescan it to replace an upscaled digital version. There was also a version of Megapai raw that had a MASSIVE filesize that appeared out of nowhere but it was a bit too late by then and Fuke had already placed the order so enjoy this version, hot out of Fuke's scanner.


In other news, I'd like to make an announcement that from now on, ALL h-manga releases from happy sex/vanilla stuff to the dickgirls/traps/tentacle/etc that normally appears on Not4dawgz will be released here and under the 4dawgz name. What this means is that I'll slowly be winding down Not4dawgz, migrate all of the previous releases over to here and eventually retire that group name.

I made this decision a couple of days ago when I noticed that a lot of "straight sex" manga I work on had a really dark forced sex storyline to them while the dickgirls and tentacle stuff actually had a happy sex storyline to them. What this basically means is that it's getting more and more difficult trying to decide if I should label them as 4dawgz or Not4dawgz so in the end, one name, one group and one place to get all your h-manga fix whatever the genre, no matter how normal or weird will be right here on 4dawgz.

I would like to thank everyone who paid a visit to Not4dawgz and considering it's been over 2 years since it opened as an "experiment", I'm pretty happy with what Not4dawgz accomplished but trying to manage two different blogs is starting to be too much of a hassle. Not to mention that the flow of translations on that blog is next to nothing because it's not everyday I get scripts for a trap manga... which would be nice. Here's to the future of this blog with more variety in fap material!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Cafe Milk Paradise & Primary Contact

Here's a short but very, VERY sweet (pun not intended... OR IS IT?) one shot by Inkey about a guy with a sweet tooth who visits a cafe run by two waitresses called Mocha and Mont Blanc. So delicious that you'll even risk cavities for it. With thanks to Fuke for the translations.

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Second release is my contribution to Genesis Team's 31 Days of Christmas.
Just a very short colored oneshot by Koume Keito. I like KK's hentai stuff but I actually love the art the artist does for Spice and Wolf so I was happy to work on this.

Available to download from here.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lewd Roses Ch08-10 & Completed Book

After almost two 2 years, I'm happy to finally release the last three chapters of Lewd Roses. This was made possible by Fuke providing the translations and making it possible to move this project from "on hold" to the "completed" pile. Anyways, the first two chapters focuses on a female pirate and her poop deck (OH COME ON. DON'T TELL ME YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING) while the last one is a fairytale about a kidnapped princess doing stuff to ensure her freedom.

And now... time for the entire completed book for download *joygasm*.
I remember picking this up years ago to work on because I wanted to improve my cleaning skills and this book had a lot of text over artwork for the colored pages. With the help of some online manga editing guides, it took me 2 weeks just to clean up those colored pages but it was a lesson well learnt. Also, I couldn't resist nekomimi catgirls with nice tits. Thanks goes to Ershin for providing the initial translations for the colored pages, Masamune for providing the translations for the Baphomet chapters and Fuke for completing the rest.

There's not a lot of story in this book because half of it is padded out with illustrations but hey, it's still a good book. Unfortunately I don't think me and Fuke will be working on a new Kanesada Keishi book anytime soon but things could change in the future.

The volume can now be downloaded from here.