Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Promise

At long last, here's the newest Napata story with thanks to Fuke for the translation and his friend, Sakura for providing additional translations. It's a cute story about childhood friends and their promise of getting married if her tits gets bigger. While I was working on this, the subject of kneading tits to make them bigger just raises this question. If you honestly believe that, then why don't people who go to massage parlours get bigger? Sure is a mystery...

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

FOUR Colored Oneshots!???!??! OMGWTF!11!11!1

Fuke contacted me one day to to let me know that he completed scripts for some colored oneshots. What I didn't expect was that he completed FOUR of them. Hopefully there should be something to suit everyone's taste. Also, before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a tip to make turkey less dry. Lay the bird upside down so the breast is soaking in the juice. Heeeey.... that sounds.... rude.

Here's the first release. It's by one of my favourite artist, Thomas and it's about a literary club girl giving advice to a guy on how to write an erotic novel. Apparently he lacks experience so she offers some "hands-on help"...

Now available in the oneshots/others section here

Second release is the first of two release by an artist called Saburou. I'm aware that this was already translated by another group but by the time they released their one, Fuke had already completed the script so it would be a shame to just waste it. Just a story about a dude paying for a blessing ritual to ensure he gets good marks on his exam. Unfortunately there seems to be a slight misunderstanding and he gets a different ritual to rid of some "evil spirits". Additional credits goes to Zoidsking for making this uncensored version possible.

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Second and final Saburou oneshot for today and it's a story about a dude getting kidnapped by a demongirl who decides to make him her familiar. After this chapter, Saburou is now one of my favourite artists so I'm hoping I'll be able to work on more in the future. 

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

And the last of the four colored oneshots releases is by Inoue Makito. It's a fairly dark RAEP RAEP RAEP story but by the end, the girl wakens up to realise she's actually a nympho who enjoys teh cock. 

Now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Love Pheromone No.05 ch19

Here's chapter 19 of the smelling fetish 4koma manga as part of a joint project with Horobi No Michi. IS IT AN ANGEL? IS IT A MERMAID? Nah, it's just Kawori to the rescue.


In other news, YQII emailed me to let me know that he's taking an unexpected hiatus which means that the Sameda Koban and the Kogure Mariko book will also be on hiatus until further notice.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

You Can Come Over To My House And Fuck My Sister

Some (alright, maybe everyone) might recognise the title name from a memorable movie quote but this second last chapter from Houkago Strawberry Dildo has nothing Full Metal Jacket related at all. It's a pretty cute story about a girl who seems cold and badass on the surface but is actually a really shy and stuttering person who takes advice from her big sis on how to improve herself. Then she invites a boy to her room and puts her big sis' sexy advice to the test...

This chapter is part of the Houkago Strawberry Dildo book. Download it from here.

One more chapter to go before I finally get to compile this. WHEN WILL IT BE DONE? Dunno lol.