Saturday, 29 October 2011

Love Pheromone No.05 ch18

Here's chapter 18 of Love Pheromone No.05 as part of a joint project with Horobi No Michi. Not much to say about this chapter but there is a couple more chapters before volume one is done. Working on this series makes me wish I could edit some more yuri hentai.


In other news, happy early Halloween everyone!
I'd scoop her out... if you get my drift.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Otaku No Musume-san Chapter 63

Last chapter time! It's hard to believe that I've been editing this for almost 2 years now but I did read this series before RaikenTB contacted me to help him out with the editing and I do remember the funny moments as an otaku tries to get to grips with finding out that he has a daughter that he never knew about... and the low points such as the landlady's story arc. Anyways, this last chapter places the story two years in the future as we get to see what happens to the characters. Also, cool ending bro.

For those wanting to read the story from the beginning but don't want to go to various groups to grab the chapters that wasn't done by Nicchi Scans, me and RaikenTB have plans to re-edit and retranslate the early chapters so I think we'll still be working on OnM for a little longer yet.

Download from Nicchi's site here.

Apart from reworking Otaku no Musume-san and some various hentai doujins, RaikenTB and I have picked  a new series to work on. For those who REALLY want to know what it's going to be, go to my blog archive and look at the post for November 29th 2009. Yes. We ARE picking that series up.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

There's No Way I'll Be Defeated

It's been a while but at long last, here's chapter 8 of Yurikawa's Houkago Strawberry Dildo. It's a pretty straightforward story about two VIDYA GAEMRZ who decide to play a fighting game, only to be interrupted by someone having sexy time on the other side of the wall. This doesn't feature any trademark Yurikawa genderbender stuff but it's still a pretty hawt chapter with some awesome paizuri action.

This chapter is part of the Houkago Strawberry Dildo book. Download it from here.

Speaking of XBAWKS. Guardian Heroes on XBLA is still as awesome as the day I played it at my cousin's house 15 years ago.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Yes. New Houkago Strawberry Dildo chapter will be out by the end of the week.

Disclaimer: I've never played COD or Halo. Timesplitters 2 is where it's at.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hello US Solatorobo fans

I've recently noticed in my blog's stats that I've been getting a couple of hits from a couple of video gaming sites. For a minute I was trying to remember what video game doujins I edited that warranted a mention by gaming sites until it finally hit me. Solatorobo was released in the US a couple of days ago and everyone was linking to the 4koma strips. I figured I'd take a moment to update everyone what's going on with the 4koma.

Nameless translator, the guy who loved the game and was throwing the 4koma scripts at me to edit has retired from translating but has managed to send some, but not all the scripts for the remaining 4koma strips so I'll try to get some done as soon as possible. By the way, the US boxart  of Solatorobo with the soundtrack CD is much better than the PAL version of Solatorobo I bought. As for the game itself, it's a beautiful looking game but with a pretty repetitive combat of grabbing and throwing enemies. It's still worth a play and I do hope there's enough sales to warrant a sequel.

Now to answer a question that everyone's probably thinking. I know that there's some people who come to this site, read the Solatorobo 4koma, then notice the hentai scanslations. So, will I be working on any Solatorobo hentai? While I'm not a hater of furry pr0n, it all depends if I can find a translator willing to work on them but the chances of that are very, VERY slim.

Other than that, thanks for paying a visit to this blog to read the 4koma strips.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Puru Puru Milk Pudding Ch.01-03

At long last, here's Sameda Koban's latest book, Puru Puru Milk Pudding as translated by YQII. There's three chapters in this download but only the last one is a full chapter. The first two are just very short colored oneshots but filled with Sameda Koban's trademark LOLWHUT humor. The third one however is a completely different story. It's a story about a guy who has a crush on an older girl when he was younger. Cue a timeskip and it's a dark tale about jealously and how one girl can manipulate guys for her benefit. BUT DON'T WORRY. The chapters after that go back to happy sex mode so look forward to more Puru Puru Milk Pudding stories in the future.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bakemonogatari dj - We're Having Mindless Sex

With the translation provided by Fuke and the high quality raw provided by Anonymous Scanner, here's a Bakemonogatari doujin by Pooca AKA Nora Shinji. It focuses on Araragi and Senjogahara having, as the title suggests, mindless sex... BUT OUTDOORS. It's a happy sex plot so there's no weird CRABS HAVE STOLEN MY WEIGHT mindfuck from the anime.

This doujin is now available to download from here

Lo-res versions are available at Fuke's site as usual.

Now about the series itself. I'll admit I only saw a few episodes of the series by the time I got sent the scripts for this but it's more than enough to make me appreciate this doujin. Still not too keen on the Shaft QUALITY animation which consists of throwing text and more text everywhere but the series is starting to grow on me. In b4 Hanekawa's catgirl tongue twister scene. MUST. RESIST. YOUTUBE LOOPING IT.