Friday, 30 September 2011

Love Pheromone No.05 ch17

Here's chapter 17 of Love Pheromone No.05 as part of a joint project with Horobi No Michi. Not much to say about this chapter but expect the same amount of silliness. Also, I've just been informed that two characters had their names mistranslated by the translator. "Gaga" is now "Meme" and "Handa" is now "Iida". Unfortunately this mistake is too far gone to go back and correct the past chapters so for now, enjoy your name correction this late in the manga.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Another Triple Doujin Release

Fuke strikes again and sent me three more scripts to edit last week so it looks like it's time for another TRIPLE DOUJIN RELEASE.
The first release is a doujin called Seventeen 5 by Yoshuu Ohepe which is based on a manga by Mizuki Kawashita called Anedoki about a 13 year old guy who meets an older girl, then decides to move into his house. Sadly the series got canceled after three volumes and had to be given a horrible rushed ending but this doujin is certainly not a disappointment. Filled with Yoshuu Ohepe's trademark of drawing well rounded girls, this doujin contains a theme of food sexxorings. A little warning that the last few pages has some watersports action in the bonus illustrations but it never actually happens in the story itself.

Anonymous Scanner provided the hi-res raws so the filesize of this is a little big for some. For those with capped download limits or, heaven forbid, dialup connection, Fuke has download links to the lo-res version on his site. I am aware that Seventeen 1 and 2 is translated but it looks like 3 and 4 is nowhere to be found so hopefully one day the raws for those will appear somewhere.

This doujin is now available to download from here

The second release is the first of two Monster Hunter doujins. Unfortunately, this is a game I have no idea what it's about but it seems to be a regular subject at every Comiket event much like Dragon Quest or Idolm@ster games. While the subject is alien to me, the artist certainly isn't. This is by Fujiya Honten AKA Thomas. WHO IS THOMAS? I strongly suggest you read Sweet Lip when you can because this is an artist who excels at drawing blowjob scenes and this doujin certainly delivers. Once again, I have no idea what the plot is about so I don't think I want to speculate what happens in case I encur the wrath of the diehard MH fans.

This doujin is now available to download from here

And for the final release, it's the second Monster Hunter doujin once again, by Fujiya Honten AKA Thomas. Much like the previous doujin, it still features awesome blowjob scenes and awesome artwork to the point that I might try the game out. Anyone have any idea which one is newb friendly? If it helps, I have the PSP/PS2/Wii so I have all bases covered. Apart from 3DS with that controller attachment for the upcoming MH game. WHY NINTENDO. WHHHHHHY?

This doujin is now available to download from here

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Otaku No Musume-san Chapter 62

Here's the second last chapter of Otaku No Musume-san as part of a joint project with RaikenTB. Yeah, it's hard to believe that we're so close to the end. We are in talks about the next series to work on after this so hopefully it'll be a nice surprise to some. Anyways, Kouta and Nozomi have a final showdown and it turns into the battle of wits over who gets Kanau.

Download from Nicchi's site here.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Love Pheromone No.5 ch16

Here's chapter 16 of Love Pheromone No.5 as part of a joint project with Horobi No Michi. YOU CAN PUNISH ME AS WELL KAWORI.


In other 4dawgz news, I got an email from Nameless Translator. Unfortunately he won't be doing any more manga translations due to various reasons. He did mention that he will try to send a few more scripts soon before he hangs up his translating boots but the projects that are pretty much confirmed for the big hiatus pile will be:

Pretty Misa
Mai No Heya Volume 2
The various colored oneshots from the Gelatin magazines

In an ideal world, I would just go up to one of the translators I work with, show them these titles and say, "CAN YOU WORK ON THEM PRETTY PLEASE?". Sadly, their translating schedules are pretty much packed so it's unlikely that a different translator will swoop in and rescue those titles. Notice how I said they're on hiatus and NOT dropped so there's probably a chance they could get revived but not anytime soon. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Triple Doujin Release

With thanks to Fuke's awesome translating speed, here are three C80 doujins ready for download. Special thanks should also be given to Anonymous Scanner for scanning them as well. I always feel bad when I edit his scans and save them as JPGs all in the name of saving a couple of megs so I've decided to experiment with saving them as PNGs. I'm only saving them as PNGs if the original raws are excellent. Anything else will be the good old fashioned JPGs.

By the way, for those with terrible internet speed/download limit, Fuke has links to lo-res versions of these mangas available to download. ENOUGH ABOUT THE TECHNICAL STUFF. HAVE SOME C80 DOUJINS.

First one is by Genetrix called Sperma Card Attack and my first time editing a Touhou doujin. Kaguka punishes Moukou by making her suck a meat popsicle. Delicious thick meat popsicles. Oh and it's nothing but forced deepthroating BJs.

This doujin is now available to download from here.
Second release is by Maidoll. This is based on the anime, "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai", a series I'm not familiar with but I love the artist's way of drawing dat ass and dem tits. I think there's meant to be a ghost in this story. I should watch the anime one day especially after working on this.

This doujin is now available to download from here

And finally, third and last release for the day is an Aria doujin. It's a very short yuri doujin between Akari and Alicia which I think is just a taster for the full release that's being released for this year's Winter Comiket. Ara ara~

This doujin is now available to download from here

Well, that was fair amount of releases for today, wasn't it? Expect more very soon!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Double Napata Release

This double release marks Napata's debut as a new hentai artist. Here's hoping future releases will be the same excellent quality as these two. This is also the start of future joint projects with FUKE so expect some more releases hopefully very soon.

Anyways, the first release, Introvert Little Sister is about a guy's sister-in-law making a move on him. The second, called This is Very Frustrating, is about childhood friends, getting caught fapping and threats of setting porn magazines alight. Really? I thought it's all gone digital nowadays so I can't imagine anyone keeping a copy under the mattress anymore.

These two stories are now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Encouragements of a Night Servant

Can't believe it's been a year since I made a post for the last chapter of Kogure Mariko's Koi no Hana book wondering if I'll ever get a chance to work on another book by the artist. With the help of YQII, looks like my wish has been granted and I'm pleased to present Ore Sen Kanojo. So the first chapter is about a guy who has a maid who grew up with him since childhood. Now that they're older, it looks like she wants to serve him in bed. Well, she has been studying AV porn although I do question her favorite. NORMAL HETEROSEXUAL CONSENTING PORN BETWEEN TWO HUMAN BEINGS? It'll never catch on...


Friday, 2 September 2011

A very quick sneak peek...

From Kogure Mariko's Ore Sen Kanojo as part of a joint project with YQII.
In other news, I've been using my spare time to learn the basics in Japanese. PDF e-books are nice but reading them on a laptop was just awkward as there were moments when I found myself flipping back 10 pages to refresh something I forgot almost every few minutes. In fact, I just gave up and bought the books themselves. Maybe one day in the future a I'll probably pick up a cheap, tablet that's NOT one of those chinese knock-off models.

Anyways, the scripts drought should hopefully end and I'll actually be busy working on some more hentai editing. Fappy times indeed.