Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Not4dawgz: Good Bye Hero

Content: Eeeeeeeeeeerecting a girl robot to lose your virginity. Seriously, the 40 Year Old Virgin has nothing on this.

Last chapter and batch release of Koi No Hana will be ready tomorrow. I blame my slow upload connection for the delay in uploading the batch release so apologies for that. In the meantime, GENTLEMEN... CORN.

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Day You Stop Being My Sister Second Half

Here's chapter 8 of Koi No Hana. It's a continuation from the last chapter. Can't really say much about this apart from "LET'S STILL PRETEND WE'RE BROTHER AND SISTER" and "D'AAAAAAAWWWW". Next chapter will be the last one and will also mean BATCH RELEASE.

This chapter is part of the Koi No Hana book. Download it from here.

In other random news, I'm going on a retro anime binge for some reason starting with Project A-ko. I remember the first one with rose-tinted nostalgia glasses mainly because my relative bought it as a gift thinking that it was "just like Sailormoon". How wrong she was when the opening scene has tits (okay, it was for a few seconds but try watching that with the parents) and the whole movie is one big yuri lovestory... with spaceships and explosions. I wonder how this series spawned several sequels that I didn't know until a few years ago.

Tomorrow's release will be the first chapter of a new project on Not4dawgz. Here's a sneak peek.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Secretive Wife

Chapter 15 of Pink Cherry Pie as part of a joint project with YQII. After that last depressing chapter, it's a relief to go back to "normal" and this time, the chapter is about a deliveryman delivering a "package" to a housewife. Next he'll be "pushing" a note saying that you were out of the house at the time  and that you should "collect" the parcel from your nearest "depot" or call to "arrange" another "delivery time". Oh and some big boobed sexxoring happens I think.

This chapter is part of the Pink Cherry Pie book. Download it from here.

Wow, can't believe the next chapter will be the last Pink Cherry Pie chapter. I'll do a big post when it happens but for now, I'm glad I can move this project from the, "ongoing" section to the "completed" part soon. "I" "can't" "stop" "writing" "like" "this" "for" "some" "reason" "today".

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Otaku No Musume-san Chapter 52

Here's chapter 52 of Otaku No Musume-san as part of a joint project with RaikenTB from Nicchi Scans. With this chapter, it finally brings an end to the whole Comiket story arc. Can't wait to see what the next arc will have in store.


Major apologies for still not uploading the previous chapters of OnM in the ecchi/non h-manga section. I'll get it done as soon as possible... hopefully.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sakura Shoku

Time for a Sakura from Street Fighter doujin by Shinnihon Pepsitou. This was translated by Nameless Translator from Anonymous Scanner. Plot for this is Sakura gives "special rewards" to her students.

This doujin is now available in the doujin section here.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Eyes Of Beast

Here's chapter 14 of Pink Cherry Pie with YQII providing the translations again. For the people who read the previous chapters and expected another nice light and fluffy comedy hentai, prepare to be disappointed. Plot this time is about rich fathers putting their adopted daughters up as sex slaves. There is no punchline. Man, I wonder why the artist decided to include this in the book. Don't worry, the rest of the book goes back to the happy sexxorings.

This chapter is part of the Pink Cherry Pie book. Download it from here.

Got sent the script and RAWs for Otaku No Musume so expect that very soon.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Day You Stop Being My Sister First Half

Here's chapter seven of Koi No Hana. Just a simple story about a guy with a fever and his cousin. It's a two-part story and the second half will be out very soon.

This chapter is part of the Koi No Hana book. Download it from here.

In other news, the projects page has now been updated to remove any mention of RS. Even had time to edit the older blog posts to point them to the project pages so people don't have to say, "DOWNLOAD LINK'S DOWN" anymore. So for the minority who WANT to download single chapters of a completed and compiled book, you're outta luck because they're going to be deleted anyways

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Surveillance Diary Of The Tiny One

Here's the sixth chapter of the Koi No Hana book. Dude in this is a pretty cool guy. eh teases the big tittied classmate, questions why she isn't turning up, turns up at her house to beat up her hikikomori brother and then proceeds to bang her afterwards. So... I guess this is a weird romance story of sort.

This chapter is part of the Koi No Hana book. Download it from here.

In other news, any PC game suggestions to really put my 9800GT to the test? No MMORPG games please. So far, TF2 seems to be maxed out in the graphics and I also tried out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which is also another decent game where the graphics on that kicks my old 8600GT card to shame. Or maybe I could've saved money and just played Grim Fandango... again.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Kaguya Hime Sama

SURPRISE PAIZURI PRINCESS RELEASE. Thanks to Tadanohito for providing the translations again. So basically it's based on the Kaguya Hime fairytale but only this time, with sexxoring involved. FAIRYTALES TURNING INTO PRON? Surprisingly more likely than you think.

This chapter is part of the Paizuri Princess book. Download it from here

Wow, Comiket 78 is starting. It's like Christmas morning for me. Even though it's still early days, I can tell that there will probably be a mad scramble for groups to try and translate and edit the hot property first which is pretty much what happens with every Comiket. Can't wait to see if some of my favorite artists will be releasing something there.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

LovePlus dj - Cho Chooooo Skinship

If there's ever a game I've been wanting to see a localisation or a translation patch for, it's gotta be LovePlus for the DS. Okay, I'm sure at the end of the day it's just a glorified dating game that some otakus in Japan have taken to the extreme but we'll never know. So for now, let's just read the doujin of a game we'll probably never play in english (like Idolm@ster as well. Dammit).

The artist for this doujin is UniniGumi. I saw the files for this on Anonymous Scanner's site and played about with editing the text out (little tip: healing brush and cloning brush with soft edges. It can help out a lot). Then Nameless Translator provided the translations. Many thanks to both of them.

This doujin is now available in the doujin section here.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Girlfriend Changing Into A (Swimming Race) Swimsuit

Time for something from Yurikawa's Strawberry Houkago Dildo book. Those who go to Not4dawgz may remember that some chapters are filled with traps, traps and more traps but that only makes up 50% of the book. The other 50% is surprisingly normal stuff which I thought I'd post here instead. Also, in true Yurikawa fashion, the title is waaaay too long but it pretty much tells us that the content will consist of swimsuit sexxoring sessions. AND CAKE.

This chapter is part of the Houkago Strawberry Dildo book. Download it from here.

Also, can't believe K-On is ending soon. Then again, there's nothing to stop more OVAs being made...

Sunday, 8 August 2010

What starts with the letter "F" and ends with "UCK"?

No releases for today but I thought I'd take a moment to give a couple of 4dawgz news. So I gave the project section a shake up. The first major change is the inclusion of the ecchi/non H-manga section which will replace the, "dropped" section and will be the place where you can find... ecchi and non H-manga. The second is finally disabling the RS links and I'll be reuploading back to MU soon so apologies if the links are all non-active but this is due to my crap upload speed.

This also brings me to my next topic. I won't be making a torrent of all the releases I have done up to now because I'm sharing the internet connection with several other people and the idea of leaving a computer overnight fills me with unease.

That's pretty much it really. I guess the summer heat has made me lazy and I just want to blend milk and ice cream for a cheap milkshake. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of some W.I.P h-manga.  

 And in case you're wondering, the answer is "firetruck".

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Daring & Mai No Heya chapter 11

Two releases today. Chances are it's already been posted on their respective translator's site but I don't think there's any harm in posting them here again.
Here's the last chapter of Cutie Lips once again with Soba-Scans providing another fast translation. Plot this time is about a poor guy trying to save up money to buy something nice for his girlfriend. Said girlfriend mistakes the guy's sister as his lover. Confusion and drama occurs then some happy sexxoring happens. Enough about the couple, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE A CHAPTER ON THE HAWT SISTER? FUUUUUUUUUUUU-

I find it kinda unreal that this project got started only two months ago. My personal thoughts on this? The women in this h-manga are cute. The story is nice and lovey. The censoring in this can go blow itself.  All in all, not the BEST FREAKIN' H-MANGA IN THE WORLD but not a bad h-manga as well.

This volume is available to download from here.

Second release is Mai No Heya chapter 11 with the translation provided by Nameless Translator from Anonymous Scanner. Looks like a new character appears. Also, I think this chapter is the point where the artist finally cracks and decides to put in something beyond ecchi in this chapter. OH YUI TOSHIKI. WHATEVER WILL YOU DO NEXT?

This chapter is part of the Mai No Heya volume 1 book. Download it from here.

In other news, I'm finally making the first step in upgrading my PC by replacing my 8600gt card with a 9800gt one which is kinda strange since I'll probably be using it to see how high a detail I can make TF2 play in and no, I haven't been sucked in by the Craft Of Star Two hype mainly because RTS games makes my brain melt.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mai No Heya chapter 10

It's been a while so here's the latest chapter of Mai No Heya. It's another short chapter where this time, the guy tries to persuade the girls to try on a bondage outfit. This is a joint project with Nameless Translator from Anonymous Scanner.

This chapter is part of the Mai No Heya volume 1 book. Download it from here.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Happy Birthday To Us

4dawgz is now two years old. It feels like a lot of things has happened since our first birthday, especially the last few weeks when it felt like there was a daily release which I never could've imagined when I first started this blog where I had to make filler posts to pass the time. I'd like to thank the translators for helping me out and taking me on for joint projects, the commentators for taking the time to post a comment, the readers for putting up with my mistakes and delays and to everyone else who thought, "I think I'll visit here for some hentai". You guys rock.

I'm just taking a breather to sort out my laptop HDD... again. Expect more releases very soon.

Note to self, blog view count has reached 1.45 million on this day. OMGWTFBBQ.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Poni-Poni Candy & Highschool Of The Dead dj - Dawn [OR]

Two VERY contrasting release today. One is a new release that is all happy sex while the other is something that people have already seen before with zombies and tits.
It's the second to last chapter of the Cutie Lips book as part of a joint project with Soba-Scans. Plot this time is a couple who seem to have gotten into a bit of a rut in their relationship because the girl is always tired so they decide the only way to liven things up... is with fellatio. I swear, the content in this book is so vanilla and happy that it borders on being a fetish. Also, almost every character in this book seem to be office workers. What's wrong with mixing things up and including something like... I dunno... kickboxers? Since the next chapter will be the last one, we picked a new series to start on but it won't be done soon because LD, the translator from Soba-Scans, is currently occupied with other real-life business.  

This chapter is part of the Cutie Lips book. Download it from here.

99.9% of people will probably not give a fuck about this release because they most likely read this from other groups but since RaikenTB sent me the script for this along with the other 2 HOTD doujins it seems a waste to not use his translations to re-edit this to make the release consistant. So here you go. Tits and zombies. Again.

This doujin is now available in the doujin section here.