Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Work Hard!

Third chapter from the Cutie Lips book as a joint project with Soba-Scans. Pretty normal hentai content that involves office romance between a full-timer and a part-timer worker.

This chapter is part of the Cutie Lips book. Download it from here.

Also, I'm toying about with a new upload site and bringing back an old one. So let's give them a chance until I can find the elusive upload site that I'm happy with.

Hotfile (No longer using this. HF idea is now abandoned)
Megaupload is now back from the dead

Seriously, is Depositfile only broken for me or does it actually work for everyone else? THE INTERNET IS BEING MEAN TO ME AGAIN.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Re-edited Kneesock Hallelujah & Pattsunx2

I originally edited Kneesock Hallelujah using magazine scans over a year ago (wow, where does the time go?). Then the Pattsunx2 book came out last year which had this chapter in a much better quality. Unfortunately I kept putting off transfering the script to that version until last week when I noticed that the Pattsunx2 book was floating about on hentai sites with all the chapters translated and edited by other groups so I decided to get my ass into gear and throw this out to make the release consistant.


And no, I didn't forget to upload the whole Pattsunx2 book as well:


Fun fact, Setebos, the guy who commissioned almost all the chapters in this book from various groups sent me the last two colored pages to edit and it was full on text over artwork. What a nice parting present from the artist... not. Thanks to DGB, Sahadou and YQII for working on this book and Zathael and Setebos for commissioning it.

In other news, Depositfile is officially dead to me and Rapidshare is going through their, "OH HI, WE'RE JUST CHANGING THE LAYOUT TO YOUR ACCOUNT" phase so looks like I need to sign up for a different upload site or maybe even switch back to Megaupload (even though the effort to type in captcha seems to put people off, including me).

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lady Virgo

Whoop whoop. Second chapter from Cutie Lips as part of a joint project with Soba-Scans. Plot of this story is basically a guy and and a girl he works with both share an interest in horoscopes until one day, she gets a fortune that tells her to.... ah screw it. Just read it.

This chapter is part of the Cutie Lips book. Download it from here.

Also in World Cup news, I'd screw her over 4-1... if you know what I mean...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Surf Side Bikini Girl

Hey, guess what? IT'S ANOTHER JOINT PROJECT TIME. This time, I'll be doing some editing for Soba-Scans, a group I'm sure a lot of people know about. So the book we're working on is called Cutie Lips by Harumi Chihiro and it's bascially a bunch of one-shots. The first chapter is basically all about a shy girl at a beach who "accidently" buys the wrong bra and then it goes into SEXY TIME.

This chapter is part of the Cutie Lips book. Download it from here.

I got sent the script to the next chapter in the book so hopefully it'll be completed soon.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Paizuri Princess

For those that visited the "ongoing section" in the projects page, Paizuri Princess by Kanna Tenzaki might be familiar to everyone by now. Two chapters was completed FOUR years ago and then... nothing. Finally, with the help from the awesome Tadanohito, Paizuri Princess will no longer be neglected and it'll be completed one way or another. So the first chapter in this book is about a Princess with massive teetees who learns that on her birthday, she has to go through a "special ritual".

This chapter is part of the Paizuri Princess book. Download it from here.

Also, who's enjoying the World Cup so far? To all those that backed Italy as the winner... too bad. Have a sexy pic to console yourself with.
I got drawn up with England and Ghana at work. I'm probably optimistic in thinking one of them will reach the final so I can claim my money prize. Well, I can always dream...

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Chapter 3 of the Koi No Hana book. Thanks again to Cannibal for the translations. Standard Kogure Mariko stuff but the story this time is more a bro/sis thing and more D'AAAAWWW storyline. Also, prepare your passports for we are now entering the United States of HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG:
This chapter is part of the Koi No Hana book. Download it from here.

Also updated the projects page again. Never realised that I edited a lot more stuff than I remember and there's still some chapters I still need to upload and reorganize.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Otaku No Musume-san Chapter 50 (This is the new one.... fo' real)

Here's the latest chapter of Otaku No Musume as part of a joint project with RaikenTB from Nicchi Scans. Now before some of you say, "YOU ALREADY POSTED CHAPTER 50. OR DID YOU FORGET?", this post will explain the chapter numbering mistake. To put it simply, the early chapter numbers will be changed to match the volume 8 tankaboun of Otaku No Musume which means that I'll reupload the earlier chapters that I edited with the right chapter number.... or you can just replace it with these for now:
So this chapter still continues with them at Comiket. Stuff happens so I won't go into too much details and I'll just let you read it for yourself. What I will talk about is how punishing editing out the amount of Japanese text over artwork in this. So I apologize in advance if the editing looks much sloppier than normal because I aimed for a speedy release rather than me editing a panel, bang head on wall and repeat and before anyone asks, no. We're NOT going to transfer the translations to the tankaboun version. Time spent on that is time that could've been spent on more Yellow Pop.


Also, saw Nintendo's E3...
It's... beautiful...

Monday, 14 June 2010

More WagaMama

More Pink Cherry Pie chapter with YQII providing the translations again. Oh hey, it's those characters from this chapter again. Looks like it's time for another hawt mother/daughter threesome action.

This chapter is part of the Pink Cherry Pie book. Download it from here.

In other news, I got the script for Otaku No Musume and it's going to be a long editing session since it has a couple of text over artwork. Also, the chapter numbering will be slightly different as RaikenTB, the translator from Nicchi scans, explains in this post.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer Days

Another Pink Cherry Pie chapter as part of a joint project with YQII. Not much to say about this chapter other than TANLINES. HECK YEAH.

This chapter is part of the Pink Cherry Pie book. Download it from here.

Other random news. I'm on the hunt for a translator who wouldn't mind working on this delightful book. I know the chances are slim since there's a ton of text but it can't hurt to ask. In fact, have some more guides for you to look at.

Not sure what the next release will be since a lot of translator seems to be busy with other stuff so I guess I'll go back to letting Super Mario Galaxy 2 kick my ass. Stupid timed challenges.

Edit: Well, completed SMG2 faster than I thought. Yeah, I realised I still have all the stars to collect but I still have other games to check out. No More Heroes 1 & 2. You'd better not disappoint.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Waterdrop Spiral

I say. Chapter 2 of the Koi No Hana book? Jolly good. So the characters this time involve a, "plain glasses-wearing girl" and a, "very eccentric handsome looking guy". The chapter also introduces the guy's stepsister for no reason other than to pad out the page count and to point out that the guy is a superpervert.

The chapter still has excellent sexxoring action so you know this is worth a download. Go on. You know you want to.

This chapter is part of the Koi No Hana book. Download it from here.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Very Special Inu Related Post

I won't lie. I could've posted this earlier... but I was painting a shed. Then I cleaned it out and wondered how awesome it would be to stick a microwave, TV and a PC in there. At least that would be awesome if I didn't discover that spiders staked their claim first. So anyways, this is a post that's going to be pretty much all about the artist known as Inu.

Lucky Day Batch Release 

A day I thought I would never see. Lucky Day finally completed with the bulk of the work done by the team at UFW. Even though the last chapter was completed a while ago, compiling it required a little more work ranging from getting rid of the Fakku watermarks to tweaking the translations. We also kinda overcooked it by saving the pages as high quality so the filesize of this is HUGE but for those who download fansubs, it's not exactly a size that'll scare people away. So those with dial-up will luck out. For now, you can grab this batch release from UTW's site. I'll upload and post it in the "completed projects" section sometime in the future.

Inu No Sanpomichi

Something that was uploaded a long time ago but somehow I only found out about it a couple of months ago. This is basically full-color illustrations from magazines that Inu was drawing for. That's basically it really but there's something about colored h-manga that makes it a luxury that you want to savor. The good ones I mean, not some of the terrible ones that look like it got painted in MSpaint.


Hohhe Hon  

Some might know that Inu is part of a doujin circle called Hohhe!! Dan and from the C77 event comes Hohhe Hon, a bunch of sketches and notes about his previous works. Think of this book as those director's commentary or behind the scene extras in DVDs. It might not appeal to everyone but for the Inu fans, this is something that's nice to read. Unfortunately this book is UNTRANSLATED and there is no translator at the moment willing to tackle the large wall of text so you'll have to make do with "dem purdy piktures".


Hatsu Inu Colored Pages

Waaaaaay back when I was finally finishing editing the last few chapters of Hatsu Inu Volume 3, someone on /h/ on 4chan pointed out that some of the pages in the tankabon was originally done in color when it ran in magazines. This led to the idea of including those colored pages as little extras but it got shelved because trying to locate all the magazines that had the colored pages was difficult at the time and I just wanted to get the book done. After a while, I finally located them all and here it is, colored pages for some of the chapters that originally ran as grey in the Hatsu Inu books. It's an overdue bonus so yeah, sorry about that.


While I do wish I could edit more Inu stuff, at the moment, the only thing I have is his old doujins from years ago and I don't know if he's done any new stuff recently. So to avoid disappointment, I'll have to say, "maybe" to more Inu depending if any translator has free time. Oh cheer up, you can look forward to Koi No Hana chapter 2... soon.