Saturday, 30 January 2010

The 22nd Century Is In Our Hands

Another Mankai Otome chapter and another joint project with YQII. This chapter is about a 22nd century scientist trying to create a perfect robotic maid and his long suffering lab assistant having to help out when he goes crazy. Speaking of robotic sex androids, if this video is anything to go by, looks like the future of moe moe maid robots are still a loooong way.

This also happens to be the last chapter of Mankai Otome but since 4 chapters in that book was translated by other groups, me and YQII are going to redo those chapters instead of just taking those chapters and packing it into one volume so we're still far from finished with this book.

This chapter is part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

Speaking of technology, how about that iPad thingie? Personally, I'm probably more interested in seeing what the other companies are going to show as their, "iPad killer" which in turn will end up with market saturation and hopefully I should pick a cheap one up to replace my netbook. Oh technology. It looks like we're never going to get a flying car and instead, more ways of watching pr0n on the go.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not4dawgz: Tentacle Lovers Chapter 3


Ha ha, no video gaming for me. My 15 year old TV blew up and the HDTV that's going to be gifted to me from a family member won't arrive until May. Now I'm mulling over if it's worth the money to buy equipment to play games on my PC screen until then. Nah, I'll just play the DS.

The batch of Tentacle Lovers chapters that was sitting about is finally getting released so expect more hopefully soon...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Spring Cleaning Time...

Updated the projects page. There's not a lot to upload so here's a little list of changes I made while I was there.

1. Honestly didn't know that there was a corrupted page in Panicle Chronicle. Thanks to Anonymous for pointing it out. I reuploaded it but for the hundreds of people who already downloaded it, here's the page to fix the corrupted version.

Sorry about that. I could've sworn the file was fine when I uploaded it. Sometimes it does pay to read the comments to find problems that need fixing.

2. Bye bye Megaupload. I discovered when I tried to use MU in a different country from my hotel to download some files on holiday that it's not very pleasant to be greeted with a, "MEGAUPLOAD NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY" message so I'm just going to cash in my MU points and go crazy... except I don't know anyone that really uploads to Megaupload anymore.

3. That's basically it. I wanna thank everyone for downloading from here as seeing the modest download numbers on rapidshare or mediafire is a great morale boost... for a few minutes and then I'm back to drumming my fingers to see what script is gonna land in my inbox. I guess it's like job hunting. Sometimes you gotta get off your ass and look for them.

And that concludes another FILLER POST.

Also, bye bye Coco O'Brien. I love how the week leading up to the last show was probably the most memorable moment of his (short lived) show... that and the anime voicing and the follow up from a while ago.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

This week, I have mostly been reading: GTO Shonan 14 Days

I finished editing all the backlogged scripts, sent them back to the group I was working with and while I'm still waiting for a reply on when they're going to release them and for more scripts, I figured it's time for me to read up on manga and then post my thoughts on them. This week, it's the manga that got me into this whole mess, GTO: Shonan 14 Days.

WAAAAAAAY back when I was young and stupid in probably in 2003, Tokyopop ran a blitz campaign to get manga onto the shelves of bookstores and calling it, a "Manga Revolution". At first the choices consisted of the usual girly stuff such as Chobits and Love Hina (I did buy them. I am entitled to release my rage on them in the future) but all of a sudden, something else popped up. That manga was Great Teacher Onizuka. At that time, I thought of anime and manga to be nothing but Sailormoons and Dragonball and if I'm adventurious, probably some Tenchi Muyo but GTO was the manga that grabbed me by my neck and made me stand at the bookshelf and read 5 volumes in one standing. Then I came back the next day and did it again (I'm sorry Borders staff. You shouldn't have provided leather chairs . You know very well I'll treat the store like a library). It's a series that can basically be summed up as, "badass almost invincible delinquent becomes teacher" but with each chapter and with each arc, he just keeps going overboard, all for the sake of getting his students to attend classes. So yeah, thanks GTO, you got me hooked onto manga.

I almost feel sorry for the artist Fujisawa Tohru. Almost every manga he did after GTO didn't reach the same popularity. Rose Hip Zero/Rose Hip Rose didn't last long but making a manga called Kamen Teacher where the plot about a teacher taming troublesome student under disguise sounds stttrraaangggely familar to GTO. So 6 years after GTO ended, the artist probably decided that enough is enough and started up a new story. This news almost made me shit my pants in excitement so after reading almost all the currently scanslated chapters, is GTO: Shonan 14 Days a glorious return to form? Well, sorta.

The plot for GTO: Shonan 14 Days is that after the events of GTO, Onizuka has escaped from hospital and went on the run before coming back and all of a sudden, there are wanted posters with his face on it. We find out what happened during those 14 days. Within the first few chapters, everything seemed like everything is right there. Cresta cars getting messed up. Onizuka being a lovable idiot and getting into trouble but the problem is the fact that the first few chapters has him literally fixing everyone's problem within a couple of pages as opposed to some multi chapter arc building up to a mindblowing climax. The later story does deal with the story of a policeman's daughter being ignored by her father which then builds into a kidnapping followed by Onizuka unleashing hell saving her.

So by what I described, does that mean I'm lapping up everything in GTO: Shonan 14 Day? Well, not really. The problem is that I only remember the original GTO with rose tinted nostalgia glasses and since I don't have the time to download and re-read all 25 volumes of GTO (I did want to buy them at one point but now Tokyopop has stopped printing them) it feels like I'm jumping into a series that is aimed at the people who still remember the original with razor sharp memory which is definately not someone like me. Another thing is the fact that 6 years is a long time since I first read GTO and what might seem cool and new is now almost brushed aside when I read other kickass manga. That doesn't mean I'll ever forget Onizuka. But more likely, I'll forget Shonan 14 Days. All together now.... MY CREEEEESSSSTTTAAAAA.

More info on the groups who scanslated GTO: Shonan 14 Days

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tales Of Doppelganger ch01

Time for a doujin based on a certain bacteria anime called Moyasimon. This is the first of 3 chapters from a book called Tales Of Doppelganger. I still haven't gotten round to watching this anime (Lucky Star was the last straw that made me stop watching anime for a while) but since it's got such a quirky concept, I'll check it out one day. So what is this chapter about? It mainly focuses on Sawaki and Kei "look at me, I'm a gothic lolita with a secret*". Very nice pencil artwork but to be honest, the sex scene isn't exciting. The other 2 chapters will get that sorted soon.

*If by secret you mean, "I'm a guy but let's play preeeeeteeeeend". Seriously, why go through the bother of drawing a nice gothic lolita... and then labeling it as a guy. Cos Japan says that's hawt and I can't disagree with our future overlords.

This chapter is part of the Tales Of  Doppelganger book. Download it from here.

In an unrelated topic, ISN'T IT SAD COCO O'BRIEN-KUN?

Such a shame that it's not even been a year and already his show's bordering on getting canned. I only started watching it a couple of months ago as sometime to have in the background when I'm on the laptop so it's a shame that I'll have to find some other form of daily show to run in the background. Not exactly excited with David, "terrible things" Letterman. Notice how I didn't say I feel sorry for Coco because he's already gotten porn offers.

BTW, BAYONETTA IS THE MOST EXCITING GAME... that I still don't have the spare cash to buy. Considering that a lot of overhyped games can be priced into the bargain bin literally after a few weeks, I think I'll hold out until then. Tits and guns. Well, it persuaded me. Maybe I'll have to order it online to avoid having to go into a store, buying it and explaining to the shop assistant when he gives me that "ha ha" look that it's not for me.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Negligent Maiden

Another YQII joint project. Another Mankai Otome chapter. Enjoy your yandere, writing crazy made up entries in her diary, reverse raeping sexxoring. There's really only one yandere for me and that's Rena "haaaauuuuu~" Ryuuguu.

This chapter is part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

Yeah. I know I neglected the, "completed/ongoing projects" section. I'll get it updated as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pink Mandarin

Another chapter from the Mankai Otome book which is a joint project with YQII. This chapter is about STUDY STUDY STUDY, kotatsus and mandarin oranges. How appropriate. It's cold here and I could do with a heated table.

This chapter is part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

In other news, genderbendered Conan O'Brien courtesy of Cap-tan:

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Yellow Pop 3

Starting the first post of 2010 with a new Yellow Pop chapter with the Fox "YIFF YIFF" Goddess character. Funny how Yellow Pop 2 came out almost exactly a year ago. Anyways, A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS.


Considering it's been AAAGGGEEES since the first 2 chapter came out, here's the chapters again to refresh your memory.

Ch1: Mediafire
Ch2: Mediafire