Thursday, 31 December 2009

Bye bye 2009, hello 2010.

Finally, another year draws to a close and not only does this mean the end of 2009, but it also means the end of a decade. Funny how on this moment 10 years ago, I was actually wondering if the Millenium Bug will bring about the massive destruction that everyone was predicting. With the power of the Wikipedia, I finally find out that the Millenium Bug... disappointed.

No celebration party for me this year. Who knew a blizzard wanted to drop by at this exact moment? So raise your cups, forget the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne and have a happy new year and a great 2010.

So... my new year's resolution? Probably eat more fruit and veg. GYM MEMBERSHIP? WHAT IS THAT?

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

#5 My Favorite Things From 2009: Miscellaneous

Fifth and last list of my favorite stuff from 2009. This time, it's the little random things I enjoyed from this year.

Netbooks: Jumped on the netbook bandwagon this year and found a cheap rebadged MSI Wind netbook. I actually do have a laptop but throwing a netbook into a bag and taking it with me halfway round the world is a great feeling. Shame that my fat fingers means I have to be careful when typing fast.

Stand up comedians: I can't edit manga in silence and that's why music is kinda important but that's not to say that's all I listen to. Stand up comedy has helped me smile while I battle with editing text over art. So while it's something American like Jim Gaffigan, WACKY BRITISH like Michael Macintyre or old 80's black comedy like Eddie Murphy, at least it makes a change from listening to the radio.

Windows 7

Well, at least it's not Windows ME.

And that concludes this half assed list of 2009. Hope your year went better than mine. Manga business will resume as normal and the next release will be the return of a "trouble finding translator but still requested manga".

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

#4 My Favorite Things From 2009: Movies

Part 4 of the 2009 list. I'm starting to regret starting this list and quite frankly, a loooong period of no post is probably better than this sad excuse of filler post. Tomorrow's one will be the last one because I'm just running out of ideas. So what's the list going to be this time? Movies. Well, I'm doomed with this since my local cinema charges waaay too much (isn't that the case with every cinema?) so I only got to see movies this year because I was persuaded with the, "hey, I got a spare ticket" line from friends. I learnt that sometimes nothing comes for free.

Bruno: I had high hopes for this after the hilarious Borat but the whole movie did have some funny moments... but ultimately some parts were either obviously scripted or shocking that I can't exactly place this as the best movie of 2009.

Up: Pixar movies are always a yearly treat and after last year's excellent Wall-E, I wondered what the next movie would be about. Balloons tied to a house. Yeah, one of those simple concepts that still manages to create an entertaining AND a sad movie. While NOT the best Pixar, it's still enjoyable.

And the one that I got free tickets for and regreted:

Twilight: New Moon: No point in reviewing since millions of sites have already done so but ultimately, I got offered free tickets to a midnight viewing and the atmosphere in the cinema just made me regret saying, "whoo, free tickets. I'll come!" Also, Twilight fans can be very, VERY hardcore as I think I heard several cry out at that ending. In fact, the highlight of the whole movie can be summed up with, "MOTHERFUCKIN' FACE PUNCH"

Well, that was a short list. Looks like 2010 will be the year I watch a lot of DVDs of movies from 2009. To make up for this crap list, have some Jun "I'M TOTALLY A GIRL. HONEST" Watarase short manga that my translator sent me to edit. Sorry about the small page size. It's all I could find.

Monday, 28 December 2009



A la mierda con esto, si no estás escuchando mis increíbles canciones, deberías al menos leer esta increíble traducción al castellano de Santa Nanako-san.


Espero que tengáis un pelotudo Día de los Inocentes. Mamones.

PS: Conan sigue sin ser español

#3 My Favorite Things From 2009: Video Games

Part 3 of my favorite things from 2009. This time, it's all about the video games. The releases for this year which include Left4Dead 2, Resident Evil 5, CoD: MW2, Rockband/Guitar Hero and a ton of other titles show that 2009 is another quality year... what a shame that I don't have the money to buy any of those games or the spare time to play them. Yeah, food and fuel or playing the latest hyped games was a tough choice which was why my gaming for 2009 consisted of cheap and cheerful games and the one game that I poured the most hours into is... you guessed it.
Persona 4 was something I ignored when it first came out since someone summed it up as, "one half playing dating simulator and the other half RPG gameplay". After time, I decided to load it up and the story and characters just gripped me and made me play to the end and now I'm getting through the second playthrough as soon as the credits finished. Anyways, since I didn't play much games this year, have some P4 doujins courtesy of Rabbit Reich. Pro-tip: Some of the doujins contain some spoilers but I'll just post the pictures that don't have any major brickshitting spoilers.

Honorable mentions

Professor Layton And The Curious Village: Hey, a puzzle game that ISN'T about lining up 3 colors to clear a line. A serious head scratcher at times but when I solve one, I get that satisfaction that makes me want to punch the air and shout YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAH. The sequel isn't exactly gripping me so far but I'll give it some more time someday.

Team Fortress 2: Two years old and I'm STILL playing it. I was actually quite close to buying it for the 360 but in the end, I ended up buying from Steam since the price was a lot cheaper and it turned out to be the right decision. Also, hats aren't that important in the game. I mean, just cos some of them are running round with their top hats, cowboy hats or some kick ass trilby hats doesn't mean I'm that jealous. Honestly.

I wonder what 2010 has in store. I know an HDTV will probably arrive so now I can experience the HD gaming goodness soon.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

#2 My Favorite Things from 2009: TV Shows

Continuing the list of things I enjoyed from this year and this time, it's all about the TV shows. Yeah, it would've made more sense if it was about anime but I only watched ONE anime series this year and it was Hatsukoi Limited. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't really that memorable as well so here's the list of my favorite TV shows of 2009.

To be honest, I was glued to The Discovery Channel and it was really hard to pick one show I liked so I figured that instead of the tried and tested Mythbusters or the "OH GOD, LOOK AT THE JELLY BEANS" How It's Made, I picked Pitchmen. Infomercials are one of those strange things that I can watch and not realise that I spent 5 minutes watching a show about overexcited people selling plastic trinkets that probably never work. Pitchmen is basically one of those "how infomercials are made" with the Late Billy Mays and his friend Anthony Sullivan that also decides to try and sell someone's invention and seeing if it fails or makes money. BUT WAIT.... there's nothing more to add to this sentence.

Modern Family

I probably would've ignored this show but the fact that it had Ed "I'm Al Bundy" O'Neill made me decide to watch the first episode and here I am still waiting when the hell the next episode is going to show. To sum up, Modern Family is just basically a family sitcom but minus the canned laughter and shot in a, "The Office" documentary style of the family members. Yes, it has that cheesy, "AND EVERYONE MADE UP IN THE END" but when an episode has Edward Norton playing a member of Spandau Ballet, it still sticks in my mind.

Top Gear

With the economy in the crapper and the idea of luxury cars or superfast sport cars not exactly on anyone's mind at the moment, what better way for Top Gear to come up and make more episodes... on more fast and sporty cars. To be honest, the latest series has a lot of forcing the "funny" on some parts that I'm starting to find more fun in watching the older series. But for the three presenters, I salute you for making me think of cars that I'll never be able to buy in a million years.

Dis-honorable mentions

Red Dwarf: Return To Earth: Really? You ended the original Red Dwarf series 10 years ago on a cliffhanger and then after false hopes for a movie and lots of rumors, the show finally returns as a 3 episode show that feels like a fan fiction and one of the most BS ending that made me nerd rage for the first time? No no. You truely deserve my biggest disappointment of 2009.

So that's the second 2009 list. I really should give some anime series a watch now and again next year.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

#1 My Favorite Things from 2009: Manga

I think I'm going through that post-Christmas Blues where I just can't be bothered to do anything at the moment and all I just want to do is sit in my bed with the overheating laptop warming me up. So I figured it would be appropriate enough to make a "favorite things from 2009" list and the first one will be manga. I did want to make a list of favorite h-manga from this year but there's been so many that I had to abandon that idea. So without further delay, here's some manga I enjoyed from this year:


What if Frankenstein was a sexy, moe ditzy girl? Yeah. I'm pretty much won over by that thought already. Anyways, Frankenfran can be summed up as a "lol whut" manga where one chapter can have people getting cut up then literally within the last few pages, it all gets resolved and they sometimes forget it happened. It does seem guro at some times but this actually had some comedy in it... albeit some very dark humor. BUT D'AWWW LOOK AT FRAN DOING SOME MOE THINGS.

More info
(Cos I can't be bothered uploading the chapters)

Ojiichan wa Shounen Tantei

Crazy and weird. But enough about the artist who drew this. Ojiichan wa Shounen Tantei is basically a story about a kid detective who got frozen in the middle of 20th century and then gets thawed in the present age. Early chapter is the usual culture clash as the kid has to live with her modern age grand-daughter but then starts getting into the whole time-travelling paradoxes and a LOT of PLOT TWISTS. Also, the artist has an obscene amount of knowledge on trains in this... and bondage.

More info


I really like Otoyomegatari. My first thought was that the initial, "12 year old boy marries an older girl during the 19th century" was, "ha ha... oh wow" but after the first chapter, Mori Kaoru's attention to detail as shown in her maid manga, Emma starts to shine and it like every page has hours and hours of research and ink poured into it. Seriously Mori Kaoru... some would call that amount of details bordering on... obsessive. But who cares. I love it.

More info

And finally, the other honorable mentions because I can't be bothered writing up a report for each of them but I still enjoyed them:

What Did You East Yesterday: Gay cowboys lawyer eating pudding delicious Japanese dinner.
Shoujo Nemu: Mousegirl draws manga. Sadly the artist passed away before he could complete it so the story ends abruptly.
Kodomo No Jikan: I wonder how long before it pretty much turns into a hentai manga.

The manga this year was actually quite enjoyable. Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store in terms of scanslations.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

You Scumbag You Maggot You Cheap Lousy FFFFFF..... Merry Christmas

To some parts of the world, it's still Christmas Eve while in some parts, it's probably ticked over into Christmas Day. Either way, I'd like to say Merry Christmas from all at 4dawgz. Considering last year's Christmas post was a little bit... lacking I decided not to let that happen again so here are some Christmas themed manga and h-manga. The first one is Santa Nanako-San.
Oh yes, it's the character that somehow still manages to creep back into here even though I thought I'd never work on another Nanako chapter. It's the usual tits and ass type ecchi manga all summed up into a few pages so don't expect to see any action in this. OR IS THERE? QUICK. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT TO FIND OUT.


So does this mean we'll be working on the rest of the book? Probably not. But that might change if a translator is willing to offer their services (would be a nice Christmas present). Anyways, the second and last Christmas release is found at Not4dawgz.

Content: IF YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR PRESENT FROM SANTA THIS YEAR, IT'S EITHER BECAUSE SANTA WAS A DICKGIRL WHO GOT TENTACLE RAEPED. Or maybe because your house has no chimney because you've got your fancy schmancy central heating.

So there you go. Some nice Christmas treats. Not much compared to other groups who seem to have released a batch of manga but much more compared to my last year's effort. I hope you all get what you asked for Christmas (I seriously would like a new laptop since this one seems to be making far too much fan noise than normal or maybe I'll just see what I can grab in the New Years Day sales). So eat that turkey, open those presents and raise your booze for I said it once and I'll say it again.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Maiden Camellia

I appear to be on a roll this week. What a shame I don't have more h-manga on hand so I could've done some "12 Days Of Christmas" style release. CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL I GET A MEASLY EXTRA DAY OFF. So here's chapter 8 of Mankai Otome by Maybe as part of a joint project with YQII. So the plot this time is that it's about girl who grew up in a brothel and tries her hand at the oldest profession in the world with a certain stranger that she always sees out the window. As usual, expect the usual, "D'AAAAWWWWW" storyline.

This chapter is part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

Might have some Christmas release planned or something else. Just don't expect a massive batch release.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Not4dawgz: Teasing Class Rep

Content: Heck yes. Another chapter by Yurikawa with more crossdressing and dominating girl blackmailing him.

WELL. Looks like TF2 Demoman/Soldier update is now live but what I ended up playing with most is the crafting system. Let's see. Three spare weapons turned into one scrap metal. Three scrap metal turned into one reclaimed metal. Three reclaimed metal turned into one refined metal. Three refined metal turns into a hat.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Not4dawgz: Okigae No Jikan: Mou Ikkai!

Content: Sequel to the cross dressing guy and the girl who loves it story... WITH EXTRA PLAYBOY BUNNY OUTFITS.

TF2 demoman/soldier update is coming soon. I'm sorta hyped... but personally I just want the engineer update. Now. Cos I'm crap and the only skill I have is turtling and hiding behind my sentry.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Not4dawgz: Tentacle Lovers Chapter 2


I know there's been a bit of a no update recently but that's mainly because in the time since I posted the translator wanted/editor for hire post I did get some emails and while a part of me wants to jump onto here and shout out about upcoming stuff, a part of me decided that it would be wise to remember that it's still just talk in progress. Thankfully some scripts have been provided so looks like I'd better put my photoshop-fu to work.

In other news I know I made a bit of noise about Brocken Blood and yes, I have completed all the chapters for volume 1 but there was some quality issue so I had to send it back to the group who sent me the script in the hope that it could be quality checked and fixed. Unfortunately it's now stuck in limbo because the group is taking their time checking it over so and just generally not replying to my email as frequently as I thought they would so it looks like a project that's going to be thrown on the, "beyond my control" pile.