Sunday, 29 November 2009

Manga of the week: Negative Twin-Tower!

It's been a fact that some famous manga artists started off doing hentai either as a hobby or probably to pay the bills. But what happens when the opposite happens when hentai artists suddenly goes, "hey, I'll give normal manga a shot"? There are lots of examples but the ones that come to my mind include:

Inazuma's High School Of The Dead
Kikkawa Kabao's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Guren Gakuenhen

And now joining that list is "artist I'm having trouble finding translators for *hint hint*" Kemonono with his shounen manga Negative Twin-Tower!
If you see that title, what would be the first thing that comes to mind? Some sort of World Trade Center type manga that would border on tasteless but then makes you go, "OH JAPAN. WHAT WOULDN'T YOU DRAW?". Well, not this time since the plot is about two schoolgirls. Two 6' (over 180cm) tall schoolgirls and a case of getting mistaken for being badasses due to one of them beating people up by accident almost everytime due to her getting embarrassed.
Although this series literally only just started and it's a bit unfair to judge the whole thing on one chapter which if no-one told me was a normal manga, I half kinda expected a yuri sexxoring to break out or a gangbang to pop up. Either way, it's always interesting to see if hentai artists have the skills to break out of creating a whole story in 20-30 pages and trying to make something that could run for several hundred pages. WITHOUT porn. Hopefully Kemonono won't disappoint but time will only tell.

Negative Twin-Tower is being scanslated by Nightingale Scans. Edit: Now changed to Ichigo Ichie Scanlation.

Download: Mediafire

Friday, 27 November 2009

A Blind Maiden's Heart

Hey, looks like I'm on a roll with another hentai release this time as a joint project with YQII. So it's another chapter from Maybe's Mankai Otome where it's another happy sex with a glasses girl and her overusage of band aids. Maybe somewhere on the internet there's a person with a band aid fetish. How strangely erotic.

This chapters is part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

Just a heads up that after me and YQII finish working on the rest of the untranslated chapters of Mankai Otome, we're going to go back and re-do the chapters that have already been done by other groups just for consistency sake. Yes. I'm probably lining myself up for the "BUT WHY WASTE TIME ON SOMETHING THAT'S ALREADY BEEN DONE" rant from people but I say... meh.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Been a while since I posted a hentai here. So anyway, here's another chapter from the Yellow Pop book. I actually got the script for this from a while ago but it was literally only for the first half and the translator that I had worked with for a long time had decided to call it a day to focus on work. Second half of script got provided by another translator so it's now time for for "strange girl has sex with normal boy" hentai.


Hmm. It seems like some translators I emailed wasn't that keen on working on the rest of the chapters of Yellow Pop because it contains a bit too much YIFF YIFF YIFF furry content. I didn't think it bothered me but I think it's safe to say that Yellow Pop will continue it's snail-like progress in getting worked on.

Oh crap, before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the Americans. Not that I'll actually be able to celebrate what with me living in anasdfncwshitsville.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Yep. Video games have gotten my attention again. No, that doesn't mean I got caught in the Left 4 Dead 2 or Modern Warfare 2 hype. More the, "FINISH YOUR PERSONA 4 GAME" mood. Can't believe that after 50 hours I finally reach the last, last dungeon where I'm now just taking the time to just level grind. It might surprise people but I only played an hour of P3 when it first got released before it got stuck in the big pile of discs because I got a DS flashcart that same time as well. In hindsight, I should've started with P3 since I loved the soundtrack better but the story in P4 just grabbed my attention more. Anyways, P3 Portable is coming out soon so I might just hold off the PS2 version to play as female MC.

Other business now. I know it's probably a futile effort but I'm still on the look out for some translators to try and finish off the rest of Yellow Pop. The commission route from Desudesu/Saha/Brolen would've been tempting where I could pay less to just get the script and do the editing myself... if all my paychecks didn't end up paying the bills and rent the second the money landed in my account. Just drop me a quick email. Many thanks. Also all the translators I worked with have now got work or studying to get on with which is why I've gotten a couple of free time to do a little translator hunt. ANYONE WANT A DECENT EDITOR WITH PHOTOSHOP-FU? I'm available.

In the meantime, I hear cabbages are cheap. Maybe I should buy some for dinner.

Yukiko is mai first girlfurendo but I think I'm shallow enough to go for Rise as well.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Joint Project Announcement

What? You again Mr Hasselhoff? You want to make another post? Well, I'm not sure... OH GOD PUT SOME PANTS ON. ALRIGHT I'LL LET YOU POST.

In other news, I'm still tinkering about with Windows 7 since I'm the designated IT guy in the family and sometime soon everyone will probably upgrade to it and I'll be left answering all the questions.

I'll admit that Vista wasn't the best OS but it was still a million times better than Windows ME and I only had to use Vista because it was the only thing loaded on the laptop I bought at the time and any attempt at downgrading to XP was met with, "AHAHA. NO XP DRIVERS FOR YOU".

So Windows 7... surprisingly not as bad as I thought. Especially when I can see it working on my netbook and my relative's 3 year old PC without any extra strain.