Saturday, 31 October 2009


That's right. Halloween time. For some it means trick or treating, staying in and watching some horror films and the makers of Saw going, "WELL, TIME TO FILL MY MATTRESS WITH MONEY AGAIN". So to celebrate this, instead of holding some pumpkin carving competition I thought I'd just present you with a trick or treat. It's simple. Just choose between




It also wouldn't be Halloween without a creepy spooky story. I present to you... this bone chilling story:
Source: T.I.I.T
After reading that, can you ever think of this in the same way ever again? HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Because no-one asked...

Inu's Lucky Day was picked up by Fakku a while ago and it seemed like it was on course on getting completed. Well, things have changed since then and since Fakku haven't made any announcements about the status of it, I figured it would be reasonable for me to just make a post for those who seem to be waiting forever for the next chapter.

As you may know, I edited 2 chapters for it but it seemed after that, all progress on it just suddenly ground to a halt and it's because a lot of the scanslation team at Fakku just simply up and quit. I wasn't really a part of Fakku anyways. Just someone who got contracted into doing a couple of doujins. Anyways, since Fakku seem to have forgotten about me, it's not like they'll ask me to do any editing for them anytime soon.

So where does this leave Lucky Day? In an ideal world, I would've taken this time to say, "WHY YES. WE'LL PICK IT UP AND WORK ON IT". I really wish that was how it could've played out but sadly that's not the case this time. But things always have a way of working out in the end somehow so maybe Fakku might put together a team to finish it. I just know I probably won't be part of it.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Just another blah blah post

Source: Danbooru

BECAUSE THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN POST WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE. Anyways, it's studying season for the translators and for me it's "working for Christmas present and gas for car money" season which is why it's going to feel like the usual slim pickings for a little while. Just spent the last few days transfering stuff I burnt onto DVDs onto an external HDD but said DVDs contained old anime and manga which meant I got lost in a nostalgia trip.

SO. ABOUT THAT JACKSON MOVIE. I do want to see it but if someone said, "hey, want to watch this with several other die hard MJ fans that will probably scream, cry and probably kick the back of your seat" I'd say, "heck no". One for the DVD to borrow from someone methinks.

Recently I've been obsessed with Kaoru Mori's Emma and Otoyomegatari. Both of them mainly because the attention to detail in the artwork is simply amazing especially in this page from Otoyomegatari.
I've been meaning to read Emma for a while but when I finally got the chance to read it last month, the word Anglophile isn't enough to describe the artist what with the attention to everything Victorian England related trivia that even surprises me. The story is the usual "class war and master and servant" love story but goddammit LOOK AT THE ARTWORK.

Considering that all the maid hentai I read up to this point consists of the moemoe, clumsy, big breasted, secret assassin type maids, it's strange that I'm reading a manga that's just a normal maid... doing cleaning.

Aw crap, looks like I just emptied my brain onto this post.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Video evidence of what goes on in my brain when editing and making blog posts

I finally made the jump to PS CS4 and it couldn't have come at a better time in helping out with a couple of color pages. Knew I should've done it earlier. As for the October 12th event, it's gonna be hurrghrhhhhurhujajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rock Shade's Nanako-san

Here's a little Halloween treat. And no, that doesn't mean that I'm going to revive the whole Nanako project again (well, I would if some more translators would volunteer to provide some translation) since this is just a one off translation for Halloween... even if this story happens to have nothing Halloween related.

Anyways, this chapter came from Nanako-san Teki na Nichijou RE and it seems like the artist decided to restart the whole series again for some reason instead of carrying on from the previous Nanako manga. Anyways, it's the usual tits and ass story but this time it's in color.