Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Summer Maiden & The Continuation Of Summer Maiden

New joint project with YQII. It's called Mankai Otome by an artist called Maybe and I really like the artwork in this as it's both cute and hot. We're both aware that some chapters in this was already worked on by some groups but we're still going ahead and work on those chapters as well in the future just for consistency sake.

These two chapters are part of the Mankai Otome book. Download it from here.

I know I've still only uploaded about 50% of the older releases but that's because I've been doing some secret project for October 12th.... whoops.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


OH GOD. THE JET LAAAG. Anyways, abroad trip is over and isn't it typical that all the scripts comes in when I just happen to be away from a laptop that runs photoshop (not to say that my netbook isn't a lifesaver. In fact, if the battery wasn't crap, it would be awesome). As for upcoming releases? I'll keep it brief and say that several not4dawgz releases are coming out which hopefully includes the other half of Double Passion as someone pointed out. Then some projects with YQII and the usual Boing Boing Teacher with Tadanohito.

Oh and another Yellow Pop chapter just in case people thought I forgot... again.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I miss home internet...

2 days into my abroad trip and so far internet access is limited to either PAYING the hotel for internet access or hoping to strike it lucky and access free slow internet using a local cafe's wifi. So while I'm patiently using the latter option, I thought I'd drop some random news.

For the people who enjoyed the artist Saida Kazuaki who did the Kneesock Hallejuah story, DGB Translation are to translate and edit the rest of the book that the story appeared in. They have already started with one chapter already. In the mean time, I'll re-edit the first chapter of Kneesock soon since it was originally edited using lower magazine scans.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but there will be no more Kikkawa Kabao stories unless somehow a translator wants to step in and volunteer to do more chapters. I am aware that he drew a ton of hentai before and after Oppai Daijiten but it was during that time that I discovered other hentai artists which made me think that Kikkawa wasn't the greatest artist that I originally thought. I guess my artist preference keeps changing every week. Not to mention that a lot of his work has a lot of otaku humor and word play that flies over my head.

Yes I know I keep forgetting to re-upload the files for the projects list but there's not a lot I can do now when the upload speed around here sucks.

If I have to take a really, REALLY wild guess as to what the next release will be when I come back, I guess it'll be something for Not4dawgz. Now leave me alone to bake in this heat.