Thursday, 27 August 2009


Sorry for the people who thought this would be out earlier but some family matter came up which required me to go abroad at short notice tomorrow. Cue throwing clothes into suitcase and charging all my MP3 players, mobile phone and DS. Actually, if my geek side came through, I'd only have a suitcase full of electronic gadgets and just the clothes on my back.

Anyways, this release is from the second half of the Yellow Pop book which consists of a bunch of oneshots. This chapter focuses on a GAMER GUY and his GAMER GIRLFRIEND. Now really, that's just a ridiculous idea. There's some fighting game references which is kind of lost on me because the last fighting game I played was SNES Street Fighter 2 and the recent flood of fighting games like SF4, BlazBlue, King Of Fighter, MvC2 etc means that maybe one day I'll sit down and learn all about combos and take fighting games as SERIOUS BUSINESS.

As mentioned, I'll be going away for 2 weeks. Hopefully afterwards I'll end up with some scripts when I come back.

Edit: HURRRRRR... only just realised that the girl in this chapter is a parody of Shermie from KoF.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Special Door

And another joint project with Fakku on Inu's Lucky Day. ENJOY YOUR CREEPY ONEE-CHAN WATCHING YOU SEXXOR. Download is here. This will be the last chapter I'll edit for Lucky Day since I only agreed to do 2 chapters anyways. As much as some people bitch about Fakku, if I was in charge of this project, it would end up on the massive, "one chapter every blue moon" pile because of the usual, "blah blah, work, blah blah WHERE ALL DA TRANSLATORS GONE TO" excuse. Sometimes even I have to admit that eye am not the greatest.

For the people who are going to the sidebar to download the stuff I worked on, I apologise for still not replacing the Mediafire links because I opened up the folder where I throw all my projects into and it was a mess trying to sort out the, "old versions" with the "fixed versions". On the brightside, since I have a lot of single chapters packed into one volume, that means I don't have to do individual chapter uploads anymore.

Also, any people that still has hang ups about watermarks in Fakku releases can vent their opinons here. As for my opinion on them? Meh, not that bothered really.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A quick update

So with Yellow Pop book staring at me and generally creeping me into submission, I decided to bug a translator to work on the second half of the book first which consists of a bunch of one-shots. Unfortunately this is another one of those, "WORDS WORDS WORDS" and text over artwork manga that's bogging me down so it'll probably be done within the week unless YQII or another different translator sends me some SECRET MANGA to work on.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Teach Me Love & Cheerism Book

And the last chapter of the Cheerism book is done with thanks to YQII. It brings back the tsundere cheerleader from the Cheers Of Love/Cheer For V story but this chapter is based on the perverted teacher from the first chapter. In my opinion, it should've been more tsundere cheerleader action.

This also means that the Cheerism book is done and all the existing chapters plus a couple of extra pages such as sketches and other artwork is included. It's nice to know that another project which got started over THREE years ago is now complete with thanks to Fakku and YQII but it's a shame that I can't find anything new from ED because he doesn't seem to appear in the Megastore magazine anymore or he's probably in a different magazine I don't read. That and his name is a pain to find his work not that me and YQII want to rush and do a new ED manga anytime soon.

This chapter is now part of the Cheerism book. Download it from here.

Friday, 7 August 2009

AW HERE IT GOES... again

Mediafire links are gone. OH GOD WHY? NOW I'LL HAVE TO SPEND 20 MINUTES UPLOADING THEM AGAIN. Uuuuuuguuuuu~

In other news, I'm really getting into Persona 4 which is why I'm getting distracted... as usual. I'll probably give up halfway through or either get so obsessed with it that I want to work on P4 doujins... or just binge on P4 doujins from other scanslators.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, last chapter of Cheerism will be out next.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Orange Romance

So here comes my contribution to the Lucky Day manga by Inu. Translation is done by Raze from Fakku and editing is done by me. Story is about Mita from Hatsu Inu some girl who resembles someone from Inu's other series trying to complete some work for the school council but getting "distracted" with her other colleague. Download can be grabbed from here.

Also, I would like to take a moment to say that on this day, exactly one year ago, I signed up to blogger thinking, "pfft, I'll probably forget about it within a week". Now with the site reaching past 500,000 hits, a few stalled projects finally getting moved up to completed status, new projects being worked on and joint projects with other groups, it's a wonder why I thought I wanted to stick with Freewebs and not sign up here earlier.

So thanks to everyone for coming here and happy first birthday to the 4dawgz blog. Now for mandatory cake picture.