Thursday, 23 July 2009

Smile Jealousy!!

Time for another Cheerism chapter thanks to YQII. It's a chapter about a boy who somehow hates how his girlfriend keeps smiling at other people. Huh. Looks like the chapter title pretty much explains the contents.

This chapter is now part of the Cheerism book. Download it from here.

Monday, 20 July 2009

4dawgz/Not4dawgz. IT'S THE TASTE CHALLENGE

While it may seem like it's been ages since I posted anything and I'm just lazing about and playing old video games (okay, that part is true. Playing MAME roms is fucking addictive), behind the scenes is a different story. Juggling the editing for Lucky Day, then for Cheerism and finally another development. The translator for the Ranma 1/2 pictures contacted me to ask if I would edit some hentai. The only downside was that some of the contents was /d/ like in nature which doesn't bother me but I was worried about posting in on a blog where pretty much all the content has been nothing but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SEX. Then came the idea of, "why not make a spinoff blog and host the /d/ stuff there?" This kills 2 birds with one stone since not only can I keep the two genre separate, it also means I now have a backup blog incase something goes wrong with this one.

So, without further delay, introducing:


Yeah, it's empty because it's not really high on my priority and anyways, this is just a test to see if something like this can work or crash and burn really badly. The first Not4dawgz release will roll out very soon.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Emergency Surprise! Tenten-Chan & Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten

And with the help of Masa Mune, the last untranslated chapter is finally done. Just a quick story about a female chinese chef who somehow ends up working in a pastry shop then gets involved in naked buffet with food served on top of her.

This chapter is part of the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten book. Download it from here.

But that's not the big story. The big story is....

THE ENTIRE HAKKUTSU OPPAI DAIJITEN IS FINALLY COMPLETE!! Wow, can't really believe it's really been 3 years since I first edited one of the chapters. I never even planned on completing the entire book at first and kinda planned on just picking some of the stories but as time went by, I thought, "meh, might as well finish what I started". As a testiment of how slow this took, in the time since I first started on this, Kikkawa Kabao released two more new volumes and I found a torrent that contained a bunch of his older works. I think I had a big plan at the time to work on all the Kikkawa books but I guess after being introduced to a ton of other h-artists, I think it was better that the idea got shelved.

Anyways, this compiled book contains a few fixes (yes, that J-J-JAM IT IN quote in the Adrenalinlin story is not my proudest moment so it got retranslated for this). Also, with at least five different translators working on the different chapters, this book will have a little place in my heart as being the book that introduced me to a lot of people I worked with and just generally making this an experience. I think I had more trouble working on the credits page with trying to remember the names rather than working on the little fixes.

Download it from here.

Apart from Lucky Day with Fakku and the rest of Cheerism with YQII, I literally have nothing else to work on. It really would be nice to work on some more oneshots so if you happen to be the rare breed of people who knows Japanese (machine translations doesn't count) please drop me an email.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

At Long Last, The Project Page Is Up

While it's still a work in progress and I'm still tweaking about finding and uploading the other manga I forgot about, I'm sure it is much better than trawling through the archives for the older releases. Also, as for the Paizuri Princess manga under the, "ongoing" section, I think that's just wishful thinking because on the one hand, it's something that would be nice to finish but then I see a ton of other titles that makes me go, "I wanna work on that". Yellow Pop is another caught in scanslation limbo with the really wordy speech bubbles everywhere which is probably why the translator who worked on it went missing.

So yeah, project page is now up but is still under construction. As for an actual NEW release... I guess it'll still be a bit sparse so looks like it'll be more joint projects with Fakku and YQII in the future. Don't mind me. I'm just editor-whoring myself out.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Digitally remastered for your enjoyment

Cheer For V, Cheers Of Love and In Love Let's Do It (apologies for not realising the direct download for that died ages ago) has now been transfered to the Cheerism raws at last so this basically means the original magazine scans will effectively be retired. Thank you to all those who read the magazine scans over the years. It's kinda funny revisiting an old work, rereading it and realising that there was a lot of mistakes and with help from YQII, managed to fix up things such as untranslated text and the ending of Cheers Of Love. Anyways, what I have noticed so far from redoing the edits from magazine to the tank raws? Well, the censor bar during the sex scenes gets turned into a tinier censor bar obviously but then the really fancy artwork for the chapter name got removed and is now reduced to just a simple black box which makes editing for me easier but I personally don't like the huge black boxes.

Going into further nit-picking, Asada in "In Love Let's Do It" seems to have had her hair color changed from brown to blonde and appears to have no pubic hair at all in the Cheerism magazine. Maybe it's the artist remembering, "OH YEAH. SHE'S HALF GERMAN. CAN'T FORGET THE BLONDE HAIR AND NO PUBIC HAIR".

I also got the go-ahead from the people at Fakku to release The Calm After The Rain Is Like Love manga without the Fakku watermark and with my own credits page. Not sure if that matters because I think everyone must've read it on their site by now but it makes things a little easier when compiling the finished Cheerism manga.

In other real life news, OH FFFFFFFFFUCCCKK... WHY DOES THIS HOT WEATHER CONTINUE EVEN WHEN I GO TO BED. Also, I can't be bothered with link protection anymore. I swear, the extra 5 seconds copy and pasting the link adds up you know.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Future joint project announcement

The Hatsu Inu series is a title probably most people have heard of (at least that's what I secretly hope for) and so when the last volume was complete, it was a bit of a sad moment but then I realised that it's not going to be long before Inu comes out with something new soon. I've been out of loop with the latest hentai raws so it came as a surprise when Nikon from Fakku sent me an email asking me if I was going to work on Inu's latest hentai book, Lucky Day. Considering it took something like over a year to finish the original Hatsu Inu books and most translators I worked with are now busy with other stuff, I decided that Fakku should handle this title with me probably working on one or two chapters instead of probably waiting over a year again.

It's a whole bunch of oneshots so it's not like Inu took the cheap route and decided to revive the Strange Kind Of Woman storyline because the ending was just begging for a sequel. No that idea would be FAR too silly.

tl;dr Fakku and I will be working on Inu's new book, Lucky Day.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

R.I.P 4dawgz Freewebs

I finally pulled the plug on 4dawgz Freewebs. It really was something I wanted to do for a while since Freewebs is generally crap and the fact that I wrote the html for it (read: lifted from several tutorial sites) just looked far too basic almost like a dumping ground. Constantly opening up the html editor to add in the new releases was also about as fun as a hole in the head. Oh and I only just realised that the only thing going for it, the direct downloads, has finally died. I'll never know the true total of people who visited that site because Freewebs only keeps the last 30 days unless I decide to pay for a premium membership so for the over 100 people who still visit that old site daily, you'll get redirected here.

Hey what do you know, making a projects page for here wasn't that hard after all. Making it look NICE on the other hand is a different matter. Anyways, it still needs a little tweak and it'll go up soon. I should also take the moment to apologise to all the people who decided to read the archive for the older releases only to find out that all the link are either dead or inactive. I am now whipping myself into fixing all this as soon as possible.