Friday, 29 May 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Well, today's the day I hit the big double two. What a shame I don't have any scanslation to post for this moment so I guess this is just me posting a "another birthday, another day" post. Oh give me a break, I just had a bad omelette which gave me a sore stomach. Then I had to spend today working while running for the toilet every hour. In before "Aw boo-hoo, here's the world's tiniest violin playing just for you".

I think I'll take this moment to order junk on the internet and call it a birthday treat.

Wow, talk about padding out and slow news.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Great news. My laptop is back. Bad news, looks like being in possession of a female for a month means that it has been deemed unpure with the visits to celebrity gossip sites and Twilight fansites and a range of other crap software installed which means an overdue format was needed. Shame I'm too much of a stubborn bastard to use this as an oppurtunity to change my programs. I'm STILL using Photoshop 7 from 5 years ago and even though Photoshop CS4 is out. Either way, I'm glad my laptop is back otherwise I would've been doomed to spending a longer time of not editting and just sitting on my ass playing Team Fortress 2 (seriously, 20 hours and still no new Spy/Sniper weapon? Fucksicles). BUT NOW I'M BACK and I'm now going to have to work through several backlogged projects that I had planned literally the day before my laptop got borrowed.

I was in a steampunk mood so to go with the steampunk laptop, have some steampunk gentlemen.

You can be rest assured you will never be as cool/uncool as these guys.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I still hate my temporary laptop

Just posting this to still let people know that I am still without my decent laptop and I am still left with the shitty, crashes whenever I open photoshop laptop. It's kinda frustrating since I have a couple of scripts I could be working on now but can't. So now for the little tit-bit (is that even a word?) news.

Thanks for the hits as I only realised that this blog has gone past the 250,000 mark since it first started. It makes me realise that I wish I should've moved to blogspot in the first place instead of Freewebs which only keeps a record of the current month before so I never get a real total amount of the people who visit Freewebs and also it was a massive pain having to edit html to fit in every new releases. Which handily brings me to another point. Is there any point in keeping Freewebs running since all it just does is serve as a file dump with direct download and the latest releases are only added on a month after I upload them to the file sharing sites. Only time will tell but I'm leaning towards ignoring it and updating it on rare occasions.

Since I put up the email address asking for translators, I did get a couple of emails but not what I had in mind.

1. "Do you have any special programs that you could loan me to translate Japanese text into english?"


2. "How do I get paid for this?"

Sorry, I can't offer payment since I don't even accept any money for this

3. "Here's a Japanese script. I hope it helps"

It would be helpful... but feeding it through one of those Japanese to English translation websites does not make a happy editor.

4. "Hi. I am an experienced translator and can offer you help"


"Btw, can you help me with this kanji"


So in short, look like the hunt for some translators will still continue.