Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To LOVE-Ru - Imouto Mikan

Time for another joint project with Fakku. This time it's a To LOVE-Ru doujin. Unfortnately I only remember reading 5 chapters of the actual manga so I can't remember anything about what the manga is about. So anyways, this doujin features Rito and Mikan sexxorings. Unfortunately I got the lazy bug while I was doing this and didn't work on editting out the sex noises since there was just far too many of the tiny speech bubbles to work with. Download it here.

Speaking of the To LOVE-Ru manga, now's a good time to actually read the series since the laptop that I do my editting has been loaned to a family member since their one is close to giving up the ghost and they need a laptop to finish a coursework. So in essence, I'm left with an old laptop that can go online and download some manga. Looks like I'll be taking it easy for a while. So business as usual I suppose.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Blunder Girl Young Wife

Yay. A double chapter release today! So after that last meh chapter, I just thought it would be nice to balance it out with another chapter release from the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten book. Once again, Masa Mune from Hentai Traders provided the translation to this sweet story about a clumsy girl who becomes a cute... but still clumsy housewife. D'aaaaaww. Anyways, the next chapter will finally mark the last chapter from Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten to be released. HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS. I THINK WE'RE ABOUT TO FINISH ANOTHER BOOK THIS YEAR.

This chapter is part of the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten book. Download it from here.

Comet System Boyfriend

And so, once again, with the help of Masa Mune from Hentai Traders, I can finally get round to finishing an old project that got started from years ago. Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten only had 3 chapters left before all of it was translated and since I didn't work on the chapters in order, but more "hey, this chapter looked funny so I'll work on this first", the last few chapters were more the, "eeeh, maybe later" type. Comet System Boyfriend in my opinion really feels like the weakest chapter out of the whole book since all it was about is a girl saying her boyfriend is a real meanie and complaining about it to her friends. So yeah.

This chapter is part of the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten book. Download it from here.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

He's gonna take you back to the past.... (again)

Another vist back to the forgotten parts of my hard drive and I find this NGE doujin called Ayanami's Fans that I editted waaaaaay back in 2005. Back then, I was loving Azumanga Daioh and was trying to find anything done by the artist so it was pure luck when I stumbled across the IIchan Translation site and someone provided the scripts for this. It was then that I thought, "I'll give it a go at editting this". Now, even I have to admit I made a ton of newbie mistakes when editting this but the biggest mistake I made was changing the page size and shrinking it to 600 x 800. Truely a case of, "what the hell was I thinking?". Still a funny little doujin and thankfully someone actually put out a much better quality release so you can all download this version and laugh at how crap my editting was from 4 years ago.


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Athletic Error

Another joint project with Rally T and this time, it's a Yamatogawa oneshot. So if you enjoyed the likes of his previous works such as Tayu Tayu and Witchcraft then you'll definitely enjoy this one. Enjoy your WHAT A TWEEST ending.

This chapter is now available in the oneshots/others section here.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Forgotten project: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4

So it's 2007 and with the whole ORA ORA ORA ORA MUDA MUDA MUDA ZA WARUDO meme floating about on 4chan, I thought, "fuck it, I'll read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". First 2 part didn't exactly set me on fire but by the time I got into part 3, I knew I fell in love with the series. The adventure. The action. Even the comic relief. I loved it and by the time I finished reading the last chapter with the epic fight between Dio and Jotaro, I knew it was a case of, "better start with part 4 now". Imagine me opening the file and being greeted with this.

Yes. Truely a case of, "what the fuck is this shit?". And that was it. I couldn't read part 4 because the editting really bugged me that much. So much... that I thought, "why not re-edit it?" and with that, I set up a temporary group name for this called, "deQUALITY" (don't ask. Another 4chan /a/ meme at the time) and got to work. At the most, I would say it probably took me a few days but the results was a little better.

In an ideal world, I would've got a hold of the Japanese RAWs and a translator to actually try and give this a more faithful translation but alas, I can't find anyone willing to commit to such a huge series so I had to end up working on the old chinese-english scans. While I lost the luxury of a translator to work on this, I also lost the luxury of spare time when I was finished with this to work on the rest of the volumes and it was just a case of, "bit off more than I can chew". Would I start it again anytime soon? Probably not. Yare yare daze.