Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kneesock Hallelujah: Second Part + After

So Pattsun 2 came out and it contains the second part of the Kneesock Hallelujah story. Since the original translator for that story seems to be missing in action, I was overjoyed that YQII offered to provide the translations. It was only after I opened up the files in Photoshop that I realised what a huge task I got myself into.

The first hurdle was text over colored pages. Last time I worked on something like that was probably 3 years ago but that ended up being scrapped and forgotten about. But I managed to fudge my way through that... even if it took me 2 hours on one page. Then it started going into using transparent speech bubbles for pretty much every page. Something tells me that the artist probably does this to mess with scanslators because the rest of the story consists of more and MORE transparent speech bubbles which is a shame because I like the look of the future chapters but after spending all my spare time editting this chapter, I don't think I'll revisit it anytime soon.

So about this chapter. How can you top the previous chapter where it ends with THIS? Well, how about with this:

I applaud those Japanese h-artists for trying to come up with new ways of making people say, "what the fuck?". Anyways, the "Second Part" and the 2 page "After" story pretty much marks the end of the Kneesock Hallelujah story. Thank God. I'd hate to see if this thing can carry over into a 20 volume story.

This chapter is now available in the oneshots/others section here.

In other mini news, Fakku is currently too busy to work on the other chapters of Cheerism so they pretty much gave the go ahead for me to do the rest of the chapters and YQII will once again be the translator for it. Plus 2 more releases coming soon and one of them is a kick from the past.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Calm After The Rain Is Like Love

It's another Fakku joint project time. So a few months ago, I made a suggestion to the people at Fakku that it would be nice if they could work on an manga by ED. Sure enough they delivered and sent me a script for The Calm After The Rain Is Like Love and it was only after reading through the script that it suddenly occured to me that this story is set before In Love Let's Do It so in a way, it's nice to actually know there was a full story to these characters. I also got lucky in the fact that I didn't start work on this the second I got the script because I was too busy with Hatsu Inu and when I got finished with that, a tankoubon called Cheerism came out by ED which has a bunch of collected stories from ages ago including this one.

It's the usual love story about two people in love who just go, "I LOVE YOU. ME TOO. LET'S FUCK" and the usual evil heterosexual intercourse between two loving human being. I know. I'm awful.

So with Cheerism released, I discovered that 3 chapters in it is something I already worked on (namely Cheers Of Love, Cheer For V and In Love Let's Do It) albeit from the older Megastore magazine RAWS so I guess if I have time, I'll transfer the translations to the better quality RAWS and since Fakku have a LOT on their plate at the moment, they pretty much gave the go ahead for me to work on the other chapters so stay tuned for some more ED hentai hopefully in the future.

As usual, download for this is available HERE.

Update: As of July 2009, the unwatermarked version is now available to download.

Update number 2: This chapter is now part of the Cheerism book. Download it from here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

He's gonna take you back to the past...

So it's 2006 and by this point, what started with me picking up and reading a couple of manga from a shelf in my local Borders has turned into me going online and wanted to find out as much as possible about manga, anime and eventually hentai. That search then took me to 4chan. For some reason, I was really into an called artist Ohkura Bekkan. Not really sure why, maybe it was the colored pages. So anyways at the time, I thought I'd keep posting this hentai called FF Girls on /b/ to see if anyone would translate... and surprisingly someone did. Obviously at the time I didn't go, "AW HELL YES, NOW I'LL SET UP A HENTAI GROUP" since I was just a guy with a photoshop and no knowledge of how to use it and it really shows but in my defense, the RAWS I was working with was terrible and I was just using the auto level function while thinking, "Geez, what does this function do. Screw it, I'll just use auto level".

So it's a FFVII doujin. Cloud fucks Tifa. Aeris goes, "OH NO SHE DON'T" and does something with materia or something. I guess the editting work on this was so crap that Doujin-World actually went and released a much, MUCH better version so I guess the only reason I keep this kicking about was the fact that even if it sucked, at least I tried. Oh and I still haven't gotten past the first disc of the game to this day.


In other news, a hentai manga called Pattsun 2 came out a few weeks ago. Why is this important? It so happens to contain the second chapter of Kneesock Hallelujah which YQII kindly agreed to provide the translations for. Stay tuned for more KNEESOCK FUCK. KNEESOCK FUCK. IT'S AWWWWWWRIGHT.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Strange Kind Of Women: The Final Issue

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN... I mean CHAPTER. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years since the day that I asked a translator to translate the first chapter and then thinking that was it. But no, more chapters came and it felt like a nice hentai to work on. There was some low points especially during volume 2 when the combination of translators missing in action and the huge amount of text over artwork to edit out caused me no end of frustration. Also, volume 3 of Hatsu Inu probably would never be possible without the help of Masa Mune from Hentai Traders. If there was a way to send internet sexxors via paypal, I'd be the first in line to send a bunch to him.

Okay, okay. So what happens in this chapter that can wrap up the previous chapters into one neat last chapter?
Oh well. At least it ends well instead of dragging the story out to a 15 volume story with Mita fighting Fujino over Fukaya.

As usual, this last chapter means that the third volume of Hatsu Inu can be compiled into one single download. If there's one thing that always bugged me was Inu's naming of the chapters which meant that people downloading single chapters will get mixed up with the story. This should be okay now that if you read Hatsu Inu 1-3 instead of each single chapters in the wrong order.

The Hatsu Inu books can be downloaded from here.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Strange Kind Of Women #8

Another week, another SKoW chapter. This contains a helping of Mita going crazy:

And then promptly finding out what the five finger said to the face.

Anyways, this now marks the second last chapter of Hatsu Inu. I think compared to the other two volumes, this got completed much, much faster. Well, I thought it was faster...

This chapter is part of the Hatsu Inu volume three book. Download it from here.