Thursday, 26 February 2009

Strange Kind Of Women #7

MERRY CHRISTMAS... again. So yeah, think of this as either a very late or a very early Christmas release. Also, if you get to this part:

Don't think that Inu is an "OMG SECRET GAMER", it's more the fact that the original writing on the invitation was too small and scribbly to read and since the classmates on the invite don't even make an appearance, it was a case of, "what the heck. Let's just put random Capcom characters in"

Anyways, I've only just got round to reuploading some of the old releases. While Megaupload can allow you to reupload deleted files, Rapidshare does not unless I actually re-edit one page and repack into the file. Which is why I thought I'd include Mediafire as one of the download source.

This chapter is part of the Hatsu Inu volume three book. Download it from here.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Strange Kind Of Women #6

Another week, another chapter. ISN'T IT SAD MITA-CHAN?

This chapter is part of the Hatsu Inu volume three book. Download it from here.

Anyway, I watched the Hatsu Inu hentai anime for the first time this week. I still remember the first (and probably the only one I remember) hentai I watched was La Blue Girl via dial up. Can't really say that it converted me into a hentai anime fan overnight so watching the Hatsu Inu h-anime with nothing to compare it to means that my review on it consists of the, "eh, it's alright" followed by that horizontal shaking hand movement (don't deny it. You all did it at one point).

What's the deal with airline food... I mean Milk Maid

For the people who still pay the Freewebs version of 4dawgz an occasional visit, some of you might be wondering why Milk Maid is there but I never gave it a mention here? There's a little BLAH BLAH BLAH involved so I thought why not dedicate a post about it.

It all began sometime during the summer of 2008 when someone called Stecaz emailed me out of the blue asking if I could host something that he worked on. Why not I thought so I asked if I could have a look at what he was working on. It was by Rate, one of the first hentai artists I read back when I got into hentai YEARS ago so of course I was excited about it. Then I looked at the first chapter and it was filled with tons of grammar error. So came the "joint project" where Stecaz did the translation and editting and I did the grammar checking and little tidying up through the .PSD files he sent me (it took me a while to realise that opening a .PSD file from a different source can change the settings of Photoshop which was why some of the other releases I was working on at the time ended up looking strange).

Weeks went by and finally all the chapters for Milk Maid got translated and editted. It honestly looked like it could've been released as standalone volume... but of course it didn't. Stecaz wanted to release each chapter on a weekly basis along with a summary and recap page of what happened in the previous chapter. At the time, I thought, "screw it, I didn't do much with this hentai so he can do what the hell he wants with it". This went according to plan-ish. I don't think he even finished releasing the last few chapters yet.

tl;dr This sucked.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Strange Kind Of Women #5

Whoop whoop. Another Hatsu Inu release. This time with 75% more HNNNNNNNGGG Fujino.

This chapter is part of the Hatsu Inu volume three book. Download it from here.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Say Hello To Me Tomorrow!

Continuing with another Fakku joint project this time it's chapter 8 of Naruco Hanaharu's Shoujo Material. Shame that it all feels like deja vu all over again since I remember reading this ages ago. Not that I care since a lot of Hanaharu's story is very D'AAAAAWWW and HNNNNGH in content.

Anyways, it's about a girl who has her memory reset each day. So yeah, very much like 50 First Dates but without Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and not set in Hawaii but other than that, still very much like 50 First Dates. Okay, maybe it's like Memento as well.

Once again, just grab it from here:

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Strange Kind Of Women #4

A little confession to make. The translator who translated Hatsu Inu 1 and 2 actually left me a script where a fair amount of chapters from Hatsu Inu 3 was translated but he wanted to give the script one more checkover. No problem I thought... except this was 6 months ago and after countless emails, heard nothing from him again. It was only after contacting Masa Mune from Hentai Traders that the script finally got the checkover and now I'm finally knuckling down with the editting.

And so, this chapter finally focuses on Nurse-kun for some hawt school nurse sexxorings. I wish I had a school nurse that hot when I was still in school... or at least one that had actual medical knowledge so I didn't have to sit in the medical room with a bag of frozen peas on my head for a headache ;_;.

This chapter is part of the Hatsu Inu volume three book. Download it from here.