Sunday, 28 September 2008


...EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS. Bet that grabbed your attention. Anyways, summer is over. Most of the translator are back in college or busy and I just managed to find a job to help me pay the bills and save up for a better laptop. Yes, chances are that you saw this type of message message on other manga translation sites and even I can't avoid it. So yeah, translations are slow but I think it's down to me not managing my time and day off properly. Consider this another, "so sorry for the sparse updates but real life is biting my ass" type post.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mmm... I look good. I mean REALLY good.


Anyways, I get some email asking, "WHUT HAPPENING TO YOUR RELEASES?" I figure I should clear some things up. Some of the translators are busy or missing so I'll see what it means for the following.

Panicle Chronicle

Yes. I know. So close to the last chapter but I was given a half finished script to the last chapter and suddenly the translator seems to have gone missing. Maybe I should keep emailing him... or get a different translator to finish it. Hopefully it should be done soon but don't hold my word to it.

Yellow Pop

A new chapter is coming. Don't worry. In fact, take it eaaaaaaassssssyyyyyy.

Strange Kind Of Woman

The translator for SKOW originally sent me a script file but realised that there was some parts he wanted to change and retranslate. Combined with his college, it'll be one of those slow and steady release. Yes. I know. Hopefully there won't be a 2 month gap this time between each chapter and that should mean the first chapter of Hatsu Inu 3 will be out... soon.

So yeah, hopefully that sums up what's going on at the moment. Just a normal case of translators busy with real life.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Omakase!! Bonbina

Another Kikkawa Kabao one-shot from the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten manga. This time, with a lot of help from Rally T for the translations. Go and pay his site a visit now and again. Anyways, story is about a businessman who may seem rich but his money is getting leeched and making him poorer. The cause? A God dressed as a playboy bunny. The sex scene in this is very, VERY short but it's still a decent story. Hmm. Gods as playboy bunnies. CAN'T THINK OF AN ANIME THAT HAD THAT IDEA.

This chapter is part of the Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten book. Download it from here.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Boing Boing Teacher Chapter 11

Another Boing Boing Teacher chapter. Dude. The Japanese culture is, like, TOTALLY ruined.

Now available on Tadanohito's site.